Human relations in the coming Aquarius age, part 2

Self-realization of the 'observer’

Human relations in the coming Aquarius age, part 2

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Higher dimensions of development

In his book Thiaoouba ProphecyMichel Desmarquet , Thiaoouba Prophecy, Arafura Publishing 1993, Michel Desmarquet sketches the wondrous properties of these undivided human beings. In his description it is only human beings to whom the Creator gave the possibility of regeneration, to arrive at a hermaphrodite being. A being on the way to perfection growing spiritually through nine stages of development. Stages that correspond with the dimensions of universal reality, which can be indicated as planetary as well as psychic-energetic. That human being, according to Desmarquet existing from the fifth dimension, then has slightly more feminine than masculine qualities, especially in appearance: face and elegance of movement are more determined by the values of harmony and beauty, with which a characterization of masculine damsel seems more relevant than, for example, feminine squire.

The book ends with a powerful tribute to the creator of the All, which he interprets hermetically, and the tribute has the quality and tenor of Hermes’ Song of PraiseJ. van Rijckenborgh, The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis, part 2, chapter 33, Rozekruis Pers, Haarlem 2017.


Love and compassion

If human consciousness is on its way to Aquarian values, how does the vibrational increase of unity, freedom and love take place? If the fire ether of the Christ impulse can be assimilated, what is the role of love in it?

That is a love that gives attention to the world and mankind from a high unity and in freedom. In this century it is becoming more and more clear that this attention-love is not so much a ‘love of’. Aquarian love is more impersonal and without regard for the person. Empathy can, through too much attachment, suck people into a negative emotion, but ‘compassion’ indicates involvement. The ‘attention’ of compassion remains positively focused, but does not attach itself unnecessarily (for a long time) as a radiant force. In his book Humankind, a hopeful historyRutger Bregman, Humankind, a hopeful history, Bloomsbury UK 2020 Rutger Bregman says:

Temper your empathy, train your compassion,

and pays attention to the important difference.

Whereas the Age of Pisces was still in the triad:

faith-hope and love, but most of it is lovePaul, 1 Corinthians 13:13 ,

Aquarius teaches us:

unity-freedom-love and most of it is love.


Non-attachment prevents loss

In the vibration of Aquarius, loving is not a form of attachment, simply because there is no loss. Because there is no ‘grasping for’. In the realization that what you hold on to is lost again, but what you let go of remains with you. And finally the mystery: that which you release comes to you. As renewed. That is the energy management of

receiving everything, giving everything away and therefore renewing everythingJ. van Rijckenborgh, The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis, part 3, chapter 13, Rozekruis Pers, Haarlem 2017.

A natural state in that reality is love without attachment. And only from freedom can that love be given, radiated, bestowed. Unity does not take this freedom hostage, because the starting point is:

In my father’s house there are many dwellings John 14:2:

an eminently Aquarian statement. If unity were to take freedom hostage, there would only be enforced unity, and not the end of subjugation, one of the characteristics that is so important for the Aquarian experience.



For this it is necessary that the current slave state is realized: that we realize that we are enslaved and that we ourselves contribute to create and maintain that slavery. The dependence on digital information in general and the smartphone in particular can be seen as an example of this. Which is not to say that the serfdom to the financial-economic ‘system’ would be less. The current pandemic is consciously or unconsciously used to promote this dependence: communication outside the smartphone, iPad, laptop and computer is made more difficult. For example, there is the plan of a ‘health app’ that you are supposed to install.

In a positive light, one could also say that social distancing, another measure that society seems to impose on itself, promotes impersonal attention in accordance with the modern love-vibration of the Aquarius soul. After all, compassion certainly remains possible and negative empathy is often avoided by no physical contact. And a more than Victorian physical distance from each other also clearly diminishes the attention for and attachment to people, things, objects.


Diffuse fear

But a closer look will make everyone realize that with this approach there is no such thing as freedom. The basis of social distancing is fear and the desire for control. Both contrary to Aquarius’ starting point for soul formation. Love in her higher regard has no chance on that basis.

Much of the human relationships in the coming Aquarius age will depend on the progress of consciousness of people in the shift, the vibrational increase that is going on. This is often tied to the ‘astral’ factor: will this increase bring us to a level of truly lived unity, through the action of light forces within us, or will we allow ourselves to return to a new dialectical starting point, until the struggle of all against all puts an end to everything?


Self-realization of the ‘observer’

Within that unity, the one who ‘disengages’ himself has acquired a very important ability in his new independence. It is generally referred to as ‘self-realization’ and is actually an Aquarian ‘act’ par excellence. It is obvious that self-realization needs freedom, as long as that freedom moves with love and unity. Perception is central here.

Now there is something special about the human being as an observer. An observer co-creates reality and helps to shape the reality he or she observes. The point of view of yourself as an observer is decisive for the reality you experience. This is a quantum-mechanical insight that directly determines the great importance of the observer as a potentially creating being. Observation would thus become magical, as a creative act that also gives form and content to reality.

Now, of course, we are sober enough to see that this creative perception cannot encompass the whole of reality, can create. You cannot say: ‘I create everything’, that is nonsense. Material reality cannot simply be dematerialised, or ‘immaterialised’ with an old concept. You cannot transform it into something essentially different by ‘magical viewing’. That would amount to a nice variant of wishful thinking.

But of course we can ‘load’ material reality with our attention, and that certainly has an effect. Paying attention to something or someone means magnetic energy. Usually that energy is charged with sympathy or antipathy because we have an imperfect and immature awareness of good and evil. Our perception has not yet advanced to ‘disinterested observation’. That is to say, an observation in which our desire and will do not stand between us and the object of perception.


Limits to the perception of the five senses

What attention is paid (it is mainly a gift) with, with which sense, for example eye and ear, determines the level of vibration of magnetic action. You draw a magnetic line with it, as it were. This line comes from your consciousness. All of this is very direct and extremely fast. But attention is not just giving. In receiving attention, or rather being open to the radiations of the world, there is a limit, expressed in wavelength and frequency. That boundary is of course in the first place found in the amount of impressions you can integrate into your consciousness and your daily life. If you can no longer cope with the amount of impressions, because you can no longer determine your attention, it is better to segment – temporarily park things – than to integrate. But much more important is the quality, both in giving and receiving attention. Because with that, consciousness can build or co-create, now that a time of increasing the astral factor of earth and humanity has arrived.

There is a natural limit to receiving attention energy, and this can be crossed. In art, this quality is reflected in its beauty: at the height of beauty, when receiving impulses, there is often ’emotion’, which means that the aesthetic impulse touches us so strongly that it brings tears to our eyes. If we can only just manage to do this, an elevation of consciousness or an experience of intense silence and harmony can arise. Why is it a boundary for some? Because then the beauty impulse cannot be endured, which one intuitively realizes, followed by the disabling of receptiveness. One knows almost immediately on perception that one cannot process the beauty. This can even occur through contemplation in nature. Because of its high quality, beauty closes off consciousness immediately, one cannot resist it. It is Stendhal’s syndrome; the beauty is intolerable.

Something similar can occur in the true, i.e. the high vibrations of energy attention that cannot be assimilated by our organism consciousness. Then drowsiness occurs and one can really fall asleep.


Creation through higher soul quality

It is therefore very important to pay attention to the qualitative requirements of co-creation during the ‘shift’ or vibration increase that is now atmospheric. We must, as it were, ‘load’ the new energies so that the new Aquarian human values can form within us. In the equilateral and dynamically coherent triangle of unity, freedom and love, co-creation is a certainty. However, when striving for separate unity, freedom or love in the dialectic, legal boundaries eventually block our progress. Our eyes and ears then run into these boundaries in their perceptions, no matter how much we can be moved by beauty and lulled to sleep by the true.

What perception can lead to a disinterested contemplation in which our will and desire do not come to stand between us and what we perceive?

It is the perception of the soul. The organ of perception that connects us to the entrance of intuition, namely the third eye, is the gateway to higher dimensions, at the same time connected with unity and love.

Is co-creation of this perception then without desire and without will? Does something come about, that is to say, is there energy formation, when everything has become static and silent through neutrality and objectivity? Can the co-creation of reality actually take place?

Yes, it can. For the new consciousness forms itself according to the will of the All, which now reigns from the perception of the soul, from the third eye. The will and the longing of the One Unlimited Creator, which correspond with the human being who came out of duality and became whole in the One. Through which the co-creating power of Love can take place as an energy transfer to reality. That love does not attach itself to objects, people, nature, but releases the light forces to make the transition to Aquarius possible.

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Date: September 10, 2020
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