God – a radiant force

This silence, this peace, is not the absence of noise but the fact of not participating in maintaining polarities...

God – a radiant force

Hubert Reeves said: “Just as a pregnant woman does not know what her womb is preparing, we do not know what wonders may yet emerge from the development of cosmic complexity.”


We cannot escape the question of the meaning of our lives. Our reason cannot help us in any way. The brain can only grasp a tiny fraction of the information it receives, and this opens us to the understanding that Truth exists even if we do not know it.

The love of our mother cannot be put in a jam jar. It is a force that is not an abstraction, but a concrete reality that everyone can feel. We can perceive what is invisible by the force that emanates from it. This force sets us in motion. To feel this force is to know that it exists!

Just as the Earth has a radiation field that sustains the nature in its whole, so the original Earth’s radiation field surrounds the Earth. We can connect to it if we give it our attention, which is the energy for this connection. Moreover, what science recognizes today is the atmospheric revolution, which consists of a gradual disappearance of the planetary magnetic field through ever-increasing influences from interplanetary spaces.

We are and remain ordinary people and have to adapt to destabilizing situations on a daily basis. We have the choice between letting them imprison us or restoring the balance by returning to the timeless silence of the heart.

Chuang-tzu said: “The wise man is silent. Not because it is said that being silent is good, but because none of the ten thousand things is able to touch his heart. Therefore, he is silent.”

This silence, this peace, is not the absence of noise but the fact of not participating in maintaining polarities… The world constantly draws us towards its contradictions, to which we will address a break-up letter.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said in his book The Little Prince: “I have always loved the desert. You sit on a sand dune. You see nothing. You hear nothing. And yet something radiates in silence… You can only see well with your heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes.”

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Date: December 18, 2021
Author: Ghislaine Bousquet-Egli (Switzerland)
Photo: Adolfo_Mazzotti on Pixabay CCO

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