Go with the flow

If something happens to us that touches us deeply, we rarely have this enlightening thought that each event carries with it a GIFT.

Go with the flow

Our life is determined by continuous activity and actions. Culture and mentality, in which our consciousness is immersed, direct us to the pursuit of personal goals, achieving successes and implementing bold plans. Our actions are often accompanied by social pressure, our own inner ambition, as well as the fear of failure and its consequences, which results in the emergence of emotions when something goes wrong. These emotions are a manifestation of resistance. What kind of resistance?

In fact, all dialectic life relies on resistance. When something “evil” happens to us, we always resist, we do not accept it and we do not even agree to what cannot be changed anymore. If something happens to us that touches us deeply, we can think about it for days and imagine other variants of this situation. We often also ask ourselves, “Did it have to happen?” “If I behaved differently, would I have avoided this situation?”, etc. We rarely have this enlightening thought that each event carries with it a GIFT. This gift is often left unnoticed because it was deafened by our resistance. Not infrequently, only after some time has passed, it turns out that the event has had a profound, transforming meaning or it has happened to draw our attention to something that is ailing in our lives.

Provided with limited senses, man does not perceive the whole picture of reality, but only a part. In action, he is rarely guided by an internal, spiritual voice but rather by the will of his ego. Deprived of communication with the Higher Power, giving a sense of security, man quickly falls into fear and doubt. When something goes wrong, he reacts to it with anger, rebellion, frustration, bitterness, etc., and each of these reactions is a grain of subsequent failures, because the energy we send out comes back to us multiplied. As the Bible says: “A man reaps, what he sows”.

If in a difficult moment we would include two necessary magical elements, such as: TRUST and GRATITUDE, after some time it would turn out that this attitude would have a deep transforming power and under it we would become completely different people. The reality around us would also change dramatically.

How is this possible? Well, putting the helm in the hands of the Divine Inner Force turns us from life according to the old egocentric nature into the life in which we had a share before falling into matter. The trust in God’s Force in us, or the use of key words: “Let Your will, not my will be done” is a resignation from fight and resistance, it is the most transforming event that a person can imagine! As I have already mentioned, it is necessary to include two transforming elements – unlimited trust and gratitude. These two alchemical elements cause a complete transformation of ethers on which we feed, and change our thoughts to other tracks. A perfect analogy of this situation would be a river on which a man canoes against the current, which compels him to vigorously wield the oar. This example perfectly illustrates our resistance and struggle that do not allow us to live in divine harmony. However, when we engage the two magical alchemical elements, we will be able to put down the oars and use them only if necessary to correct the course, consistent with the internal navigation.

We need to act in accordance with what the inner voice dictates to us. Our intentions must become pure, focused on serving God as best we can. Listening to the voice of the heart and following the flow of the river, we will live according to the Divine Will! Of course, this river will not always be calm! Sometimes it will be wild and there will be various obstacles, logs, protruding stones, boughs, etc. Sometimes we will hit those, because our abilities to internally read “the map drawn with the divine hand” or “the itinerary” are not perfect yet. However, when in such moments we show confidence and gratitude, we will see that these are only signs on the path, a “prod” for our own good, drawing our attention to some important detail. Our boat will still go on and eventually all obstacles will disappear and we will sail out into wide, calm waters. That’s how it works. Not for nothing the spiritual teachings speak so much about non-action or wu-wei. However, this is not about total surrender, submission and indifference. It’s more about careful observation of yourself, observation of life and intuitive reading of God’s Will through the contact with your inner self.

God speaks to us, communicates with us through symbolic signs and situations that He puts on our path. In this way He leads us to the highest Good. However, there is still a lot of fear, lack of trust and resistance in us, which is the result of old traumatic situations that happened to us in the past. We do not realize that the suffering we experienced then was due to our ignorance, violation of divine laws and our self-centeredness. The grains that we sowed yielded the crop that we had to collect. However, when we trust in God, when we are in touch with our own heart and we don’t exhibit emotional, verbal or physical resistance, we will sow seeds of trust, gratitude, love and light. And what we sow, we will reap. In this way, our path will straighten out, the rough waters will become still and we will sail out into the wide waters of a completely different world.

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Date: February 6, 2019
Author: Tomasz Ćwiek (Poland)
Photo: A. Oehlen/ Logon

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