Forever touched by light

Everything you can see, you can see just fine with your eyes open. But what you want to imagine is best seen with your eyes closed. So: close your eyes.

Forever touched by light

In this case you see a dark room. There has never been light in that room. You can’t see anything now, it’s so dark.

Then a candle is put on the floor, through a crack, and the whole room changes in one second. There is light, the darkness has gone. You can see every corner of the room now. Do you see it that way?

And then the candle goes out. It is now dark again.

The sages used to ponder the question: is a dark room where there has been light the same as a dark room where there has never been light? Or does something change when light enters a room?

Their answer was: A room where there has been light has been changed. That room knows the light, it knows it exists. And when you know something, you can never not know it. Like something you learnt and can never unlearn it.

Those sages have also said that this also applies to humans. When light touches us, we are forever touched by that light. Even when we would never think about it again, we are like that dark room where there was so much light.

And so we have changed. What we do with that is up to us. The light is there, always, and we just need to connect with that light. The rest then happens just as it should.

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Date: October 27, 2022
Author: Maayke Stobbe (Netherlands)
Photo: Iswanto Arif on Unsplash CCO

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