Everything remained in its place

In my inner universe there are constellations which I cannot change

Everything remained in its place

One night the context was revealed to me.

In a further night I thought it over…

“Everything remained in its place.”

This was my impression, this is my new insight.

A perception of the soul.

The days before my ego had suffered a lot.

It had to release something beloved.

The ego was holding on to something giving it security.

The retained vanished, however, and the Ego was suffering.

Another authority in me which is the soul, recognized:

Every human being still has a certain space in my heart, in my inner arrangement.

I am a small universe.

In his innermost self every human being is a small universe.

And at the same time we are “planets”.

Everyone of us has a certain relationship to another human being,

he is in con-stellation with somebody.

Con means “with” and “stella” is the star.

The stars in the sky change their orbits

however, still remaining in a certain context with each other.

Equally, human beings are following their paths, making their pathways,

thus being connected with each other.

And in my innermost self I do recognize me in a constellation with them. 

Adherence to a certain path means standing still.

This causes the first suffering – the suffering of the soul. 

The freeing of oneself causes the second suffering –

the suffering of the ego.

Looking through the eyes of the soul I see:

Everything remained in its place.

The ego, in self-will, had tried to change the constellation.

This failure now lets me discover the pure,

the genuine constellation

within the one system:

the relation between the “planets”,

in the cosmos of the souls.


The relationship between us:

it is no longer com-mitted,

no longer maintained by some kind of constraint,

but based on freedom,

perceiving the loveliness of the Other’s soul. 


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Date: December 18, 2017
Author: Silke Kittler (Germany)
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