Dissolution – a need for change

Many things around us dissolve. Life is full of dissolution.

Dissolution – a need for change

Sugar dissolves in our cup of coffee – or in our tea, in our cuppa.
Salt dissolves in water, we can watch it appear then disappear.
In both cases we can experience the effect, the change in our sense of taste. We can accept it because not only do we see it happening physically but we also experience it sensorially.
Many things around us dissolve, life is full of dissolution. But as the sugar and salt demonstrate, dissolution is not the end, it’s just a phase, a phase in the process of change. In both cases it’s a change from a physical substance to something we can no longer see – but we have evidence that it has been changed.
And that change has catalysed another change in another substance. On our physical earth that’s how it works. Change from a visible physical state to something else, maybe something invisible.
On another level the same thing happens beyond our visible recognition. Gases change, dissolve in other substances, in liquids for example. Oxygen dissolves in our bloodstream. We can’t see it, but without it we have no life.
We just accept that it happens, or perhaps take it for granted. Either way it’s a truly remarkable process upon which every living, breathing creature on our planet relies.
So dissolution, change, is a necessary and very vital part of life.
Do you realise that our planet, the very earth we live on, also dissolves?
Glaciers melt, soil and rocks erode, each changing into a new substance, never dying.
Life goes on, ever changing. Sometimes we try to halt the process, return it to its original state, but inexorably it continues. All part of a natural process.
There’s another dissolution needed for our planet also, a vibrational change that is and has been happening since life began on earth.
Sometimes slowly, imperceptibly, at other times quite distinct. A divine life-force, currently recognised as the force of Aquarius, accompanies our planet, in which everything and everyone plays a part.
Unconsciously, intuitively, or knowingly. As humans we can become aware of, perceive the need for change, for dissolution, and actively co-operate with it. Or not. To do so we likewise need to dissolve.
How can we do that?
We already know that, as part of our earthly process, our cell structure renews itself on a regular basis until our demise.
Our thoughts and emotions change according to circumstance.
But there is another dissolution required, one that is happening beyond our perception, beyond our control.
We are all being propelled to a higher vibration, rapidly and ever-increasingly. Are we ready for it? Can we flow with it?
Can this renewed vibration catalyse a change, a dissolution on all levels of consciousness?
Is it a case of “only time will tell” or can we actively promote that dissolution?
Allow ourselves to flow into a new, changed state of life based on a new perception?
Not just for our own personal benefit. Our whole planet needs us to do it!

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Date: April 20, 2023
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Geralt on Pixabay CCO

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