Descend into solid matter and break free from there

It seems like a dream to descend so far in the material world that all beauty and comfort can be experienced in the consciousness as a meaningful experience, an enrichment with which you as a 'prodigal son' can achieve an extraordinary fullness of experience. The 'dare to live' is a value-free incentive to enjoy - in moderation, of course! – the wonderful, moving and often humiliating reality of time and space, in which we find ourselves on our free planet.

Descend into solid matter and break free from there

Initially there was the ‘plastic criterion’, the limit-to-growth awareness which, globally, starting with the report of the Club of Rome in the 1970s, indicated that the growth model would inevitably lead to substantial pollution, resulting in an increasingly unliveable world. That criterion was preceded by Silent Spring [1], the controversial book by Rachel Carson that outlined the consequences of the excessive use of poisons in agriculture (later euphemistically called “plant protection products”), with the arrival of a dead spring.

Insecticides and other poisons kill far more than crop threatening pests. They also kill a lot of life that is “useful” to us. Meanwhile, a Swiss study has demonstrated that the poison in a group of insecticides called neonicotinoids (neonics) is now present in the hair, blood and urine of adults, while it has also been found in the cerebrospinal fluid of children [2].

Migratory birds, parasitic wasps and hoverflies are also victims of neonics, which were initially (in the 1990s) sold as ‘safe’.

Neurologists have also stated that the link between agricultural poisons and Parkinson’s disease is firmly established [3].

Doing business at and below the permissible limit

Enterprising people thus do damage at the foundation of material reality, often because they incite nature to a ‘profitable’ production, which it seems can be achieved only with the help of chemicals.

On the whole, the shared notion in the material world is: to exist in this world, you need paid work, you need livelihoods. In the current system, this is especially possible when you work for a company with a financial profit motive. Not growing is really not an option. Also in climate initiatives endeavouring to ‘neutralize’ the dramatic consequences of our economic system, the aim is constantly set on a so-called win-win situation. Finally, in non-profit organizations, non-profit institutions and government agencies, the market mentality has also been adopted and anything that could yield any profit is ‘marketed’: education, care, traffic and transport.

Gain and Loss on the Astral Plane

The intellect is used to find markets, and when they have been found and businesses set up, then the markets must be kept open, whatever the cost. This even goes on at an international level, even if it would cost millions of lives. If anyone investigates the causes of many wars, or the origins of the first and second world wars, his heart will stop with terror. (…)

Businesmen control the state, they control religion and philosophy. In short, they make sure that everything serves their own ends. (…)

How terrible, how indicative of mankind’s depraved state. If you become involved in all that, you will not only be engaging in dishonest practices, but you will be corrupting your entire personality. If you have to think about how you can make a profit, and you are willing to employ unscrupulous practices to achieve this, the direction of your thoughts will have an immediate, detrimental effect on your astral vehicle. [4]

And bear in mind, those were the circumstances sixty years ago, but the market mentality has only become more extreme since then.


The limits-to-growth awareness at the lowest point of material life, at the basis of matter, has ultimately only aroused the desire to achieve the utmost in effective and efficient use of that matter, to operate organizationally lean and mean in a production process that is organized as businesslike as possible. This cold, businesslike approach comes across as soulless to many, and it is understandable that if the only way to survive were according to the growth principle, it would have to be called acceptable; then it would be: okay no soul, as long as you can survive! This may be the reason why J. van Rijckenborgh in The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis indicates that modern business even brings about the downfall of social intercourse, time and again: you may survive, but you pull the soul out of society.

Forcing sobriety?

Isn’t there then a lifestyle that can teach our consciousness to let go, after descending so deeply into matter? In doing so, we may increase our awareness that it is not nature that has caused the upheaval, but human actions from a one-sided economic perspective with a view to a one-sided profit model.

A leading biochemist (Martijn Katan) sees a stringent ‘consumption’ as a solution to the approaching ‘climate threat’: drive less, fly less, eat less meat, and buy less stuff. We would then at least be able to free ourselves from pleasures that we have acquired as prosperity and which indeed bind us to material reality. Unfortunately, there is no ‘earning model’ for this lifestyle, so without coercion, reducing consumption is an illusion and with coercion, it does not provide a liberating insight. Psychologically, as a soul being, sobriety and the ‘letting go’ is like delicate and subtle maneuvering in the material world of time-space, because the identification with the Other as the inner source, the solidarity with the Companion – must be ‘firmly held’, as a constant orientation! If the focus on this weakens, due, for example, to creeping egoism, then austerity and the ‘biological minimum’ are almost immediately no longer a feasible option.

The best and strongest material basis

Meanwhile, the bond to matter is made stronger than ever through utilising advanced techniques and chemical processes for the production of ‘luxury’ goods, however harmful they may be to the world, nature and humanity. For example, the poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, better known as PFAS. They are fantastic. The molecules are extremely stable, heat resistant, non-reactive, water and dirt repellent, heat conductive and have low surface tension. Because of their unique chemical properties, they are everywhere. They are in raincoats, pans, food packaging, lipstick, firefighting foam, cement, ski wax, batteries, photo paper, air conditioning, solar panels, bullets, car paint, carpets, glass, leather, toothpaste, dental floss, guitar strings, piano keys, tennis rackets, golf gloves, various smartphone components, heart pumps, physics particle accelerators and in lubricant, used in nuclear power plants and aerospace. We have, as it were, laid a new and solid foundation with matter so that our lives can be lived comfortably and diversely.

Yet scientists agree that we need to say goodbye to PFAS because the most commonly used and most notorious PFAS are toxic: they cause damage to the immune system and in higher concentrations can be carcinogenic or lead to liver and thyroid damage. Once in the environment, PFAS never go away: they do not break down and many move effortlessly through water, soil and air into food and drinking water. And many PFAS are ‘bio-accumulative’: they build up in the blood to potentially harmful concentrations [5].

Because of their unique chemical properties, PFAS have been mass-produced since the 1950s, meaning that every human being on Earth now has PFAS in their blood.

The “moons” of concentrated good and evil

It seems that if we want to let go of ‘matter’ in a natural way, it turns out that we are closely bound to it in the blood, and should first actively turn our backs on the profit of prosperity and the pursuit of a business model. Not as penance, but as a deeply felt necessity amid the chaos in which we have exploited ourselves and the planet.

However, the unleashing of all profit-driven experiments with nature, in a technical, chemical and electromagnetic sense is not without its obligations and – particularly if it relates poorly to the natural fundamental radiation of the earth – forms an obstacle to any detachment from the closed dialectical reasoning.

Because in these experiments in the material sphere, we see a concentration taking shape of all the evil of humanity in actual manifestation. In the booklet, There is no Empty Space [6], J. van Rijckenborgh indicates that this concentration of forces is partly fed by the evil that humanity commits in thinking, willing and doing, and that it forms, as it were, a temporary celestial body that can become so powerful that it rises above that of the natural radiating terrestrial current.

If that happens, this ‘moon’ will literally fall on the earth and cause tremendous disasters, which will make life on Earth as we know it completely impossible, as stated by J. van Rijckenborgh in the aforementioned booklet.

Don’t look up

The modern satirical Netflix film ‘Don’t look up‘ also sketches a fatal end due to a very large celestial body that heads straight for the earth and hits the earth. The film shows how politics and the infotainment world ‘dive into denial’, because the status quo experience of a pleasurable consumption and existence-reality threatens to lapse: ‘Don’t look at the approaching comet’ is recommended.

If, through the fullness of experience, in a conscious process of selectively letting go of the lowest aspect of the material-sphere, we want to preserve our prosperity and achievements in matter, then the concentration of our ‘evil’ rages towards us at full speed, but also the concentration of a culture of goodness. They both fall to the earth like two ‘moons’.

Thus, the recurring apotheosis from legends and cultural data can be understood as the two fusions of electromagnetic forces, which periodically strike the earth and humanity as concentrations of untruth, as ‘mystery moons’.

So the current upheaval can be understood from the Universal Doctrine, as interpreted by J. van Rijckenborgh in There is no Empty Space, as follows: The natural centrifugal earth radiation is no longer able to control, no longer able to repel the electromagnetic concentrations of the psychological, mental and ether concentrations – the appearance-reality produced by Western culture – away from the earth. As a result, getting rid of, breaking loose from matter will also become more problematic.

The ending of the satirical Netflix film is very telling: when people realize the imminence of the comet’s impact, they go in dire need to pray to an outer deity.

Although the film is fairly unanimously seen as a ‘climate film’ and the comet as a symbol of the climate crisis, you could argue that looking away from, and lying away  the celestial body that will fall to earth is equivalent to our clinging to the profitable ‘riches’ of the material world: if we want to hold on to it, we have to look ‘down’: Don’t look up!

Source connection

However, the prodigal son realizes the semblance of worldly wealth and the doom of profitable having and keeping, and knows that he must follow the source connection of the inner room as a path, and not cling to an outer god in despair.

In the West, but certainly also worldwide, we have more than ever made a connection with the externality of matter, with the low vibrational level of materiality perceptible by the five senses. The soul can become aware of that and, one by one, loosen the straps and nullify the adhesive force, the sucking and pulling of the force ‘below’. The identification with spiritual reality goes hand in hand with the diminishing of attention to and experience of addictions, habituations, and possessions insofar as these are ‘substance related’. Indeed, when it is right, spirit rules over matter, where “matter” is recognized as delusion. And we have the invaluable help of soul intuition, a “sense” that makes us contemplate spiritual reality in a direct activity beyond the five-sense perception.

Some who consciously let go of the material sphere, recognize that it is essential to feel a connection with the world, with matter. The journey to and through the low-frequency vibrational plane has an important knowledge component, which can make the experience complete: our consciousness grows through the wisdom associated with it. We can be ‘touched’ by that wisdom when our focus is not primarily on profit, power or enjoyment.

Get rich from touch ability,

Lucebert writes after the famous lines of poetry:

Everything of value is defenseless [7].  

The realization that this richness of touch is based on the material sphere is that really getting a grip on things is a chimera. We have neither mental nor astral power to get a grip on ‘things’. When we lose ourselves in trying to rule matter for profit, power, or pleasure, we chain ourselves to the lowly side of the material sphere, instead of being touched by the wisdom and beauty so richly contained in nature.

That wisdom is not measurable and concrete, although

everything on earth is worthy of worship, pulsating with divine life.

Direct discernment

With soul intuition, we can traverse all images, all man-made mental concepts as subjective and relative magnetic workings that have had their time. It seems as if the matter-orientation in society as an ‘economic motor’ suspects that at this time the independent capacity of soul intuition is becoming more powerful among those who practice self-realization from within in enduristic striving. And that the technologically and market-economically derailed society is therefore trying to fill the free space with ‘screen images’ that bind the perception via the five senses. So that you can maintain the focus on soul intuition almost only without a smartphone. What looms up as a result of the one-sided digital technological development, is the possibility of reducing our humanity, our identity, to a digital identity, to which the smartphone only provides the first initiative. Europe is already working on a digital identity called eID.

To optimize his daily business and activities, the data person has all kinds of digital straitjackets fitted. It is believed to be a form of algorithmic self-government – ​​using lifestyle apps, automatic search suggestions, Facebook and Twitter feeds or the Google route planner – but is essentially part of a digitized puppet game. And so the data man dances more and more involuntarily to the tune of invisible puppeteers hidden in nondescript data centers and in the meantime cherishes the illusion that it is he himself who thinks, acts and feels… It is sometimes feared that robots will start to resemble people, but rather we should fear the opposite: that humans will gradually turn into robots.

According to Hans Schnitzler in We Nihilists – In Search of the Spirit of Digitalization [8].

Having lost and being lost

The consequence may be that the prodigal son simply has nothing left to let go of because it is no longer his consciousness that carries the “reality.” Consciousness and reality are then definitively encrypted into artificial digital intelligence. The prodigal son would then have and be lost.

Letting go in the dubious drifts of material relationships is an active and conscious process, in which you must not lose yourself as soul potential in the virtual sub-reality. That staying with yourself is a process without the usual traditional belief-binding with power outside and above yourself. For western people, that form of religion is definitely over.

The wedding

What we really do not need to let go of is the relationship with the spirit, rediscovered by the inner touch with wisdom and beauty, which rules over matter without the lust for possession, without the pursuit of power, without the aim of profit; the power of things, pulsating with divine life. That spirit power, from which we can draw out of pure soul intuition, pulls us from gross matter up to and into the New Earth, which is already there, so that letting go is not difficult at all.

Through life in the dynamic material sphere, the soul is amply provided with a broad support basis for the workings of the spirit, which can result in a fiery union. Purification and testing are an important part of this unification, which is partly why it can be called alchemical. Chemistry is connected with the matter of this cosmic plane. The alchemy of spiritual synthesis ultimately transcends the chemistry of material conditions.


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