Crisis and Conscious Evolution

Knowing that each one of us will make the difference, that each one of us is so unique, we must take the biggest possible intention.

Crisis and Conscious Evolution

Barbara Marx Hubbard was an American futurist, author and public speaker, co-founder and president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. (Wikipedia)

Barbara asks some fundamental questions which are so meaningful now and resonate with LOGON’s purpose of awakening the inner potential of man.

Barbara passed away last year yet her voice continues to echo. Many of the interviews and talks she gave are available to us on YouTube. Here are just some of the questions she asked and sought the answers to, in her lifetime:

Q: What is your deepest heart’s desire?

A: Our genetic code is the triumph of billions of years of evolution which are within us.

There is an integral theory, a self-organizing universe inside us. Activate it. Take a deep breath, go into yourself. The impulse of creation is inside you, it is a radiant presence available to us, it will retreat itself if not sought for, find its power and your purpose, the purpose of elevation. Say “Yes”. “Yes” opens doorways to the unknown. Your heart’s desire is the impulse of creation as it turns up in you, it is a little flash of an idea. We hope to hear a chorus of “yeses”. The world needs more creativity, more intelligence, more life, more Love.

Q: How do we really take the biggest possible intention?

A: In this present moment of history, we are at the tipping point and we are the tip of the tipping point, humanity is at a crisis point in its existence, it is moving toward newness and we define its future. Intend the most profound expression of your tipping point now. Knowing there is also a collective tipping point for humanity, put yourself in the situation that tip of that tipping point will tip the whole system, for the spiritual regeneration of humanity and the evolution of the potentiality of humanity. Knowing that each one of us will make the difference, that each one of us is so unique, we must take the biggest possible intention.

Q: What is the meaning of all this new science, industry and technology that is good?

A: The meaning of our power is to liberate our creativity to co-create on this Earth and eventually in the universe; co-created humanity being born as a new species.

In one of my visions of the future, the Earth’s pain was so intense that the whole of the human race stopped and empathy or love began to connect. Our story is of birth, where humanity can co-create, we are one body, we are universal beings, as a whole – ecstatic – an expression of the whole. Everyone is an expression of the whole. The earth as a living system, humanity and nature together as one living being. Our cells, each one of us is the universe in person. The planet coordinating its innovating creative aspects. We must open our collective eyes, see the Light. 

Q: What is true evolution?

We are close to the maximum crisis on planet Earth. In order to have an evolutionary crisis, you need to not know what to do in the current system. No system existing right now can do it. Instead, you turn down walls between sectors and you have common goals and matching these with resources and the system gets synergistic, instead of competitive, or oppositional or separated. It’s the synergistic connectivity of people. The energy in there is enough.

The wheel of co-creation is in the spiral, so you have to go to the momentum of the spiral. In each turn in the spiral, there is a major crisis and that leads to innovation, like photosynthesis. We are not making up the whole process of creation, we’re noticing it, we’re created by it, we’re suddenly realizing we’re affecting it by everything that we do. We are awakening as evolution, affecting our own future. This is the Conscience of Evolution.

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Date: April 27, 2020
Author: Grupo de autores LOGON (Brasil)
Photo: S. Hermann & F. Richter via Pixabay

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