Coronavirus – friend and foe

Something minuscule has changed society

Coronavirus – friend and foe

It seems that now something minuscule, something invisible to the naked eye, has changed society – in a huge, mind-boggling way. Putting everyone in every country into a situation that is unprecedented, at least during the past 100 years. We are struggling to understand, to cope, to adapt to the many and drastic changes being asked of us. There are a huge variety of reactions on all levels – some are able to cope relatively easily, some die, but for the majority it is a struggle, a very difficult and different period of time. We are being forced, in all sorts of ways, to let go of the things that not only were our amusements, our attractions, but also our sources of binding to the earth. In short, we are being shaken free.

Physically that brings about a range of repercussions, physical and mental symptoms, and perhaps the coronavirus could be a manifestation of that. Might not, experienced from an earthly state of consciousness, these new forces confronting us be perceived as very alien, very much an unseen threat to which our body, our immune system, is responding. The current range of symptoms would suggest an immune response – we are breathing in, absorbing, something strange, something unseen, something intangible. It elicits fear in all it’s many forms, human animal “fight and flight” responses. But there is nowhere we can go any more! It paralyses all our frantic “busy-ness”, all our external obsessive activities.

Seen from an individual earthly perspective we experience the need to discover a “trigger” for this ongoing disaster, a guilty party. Something we can identify, name, fight and “cure”. To feel victorious in our helplessness. Seen from that same perspective, isn’t that happening to humanity en masse? Right now? We appear to not be able to fully perceive this virus with our senses but we have identified a “cause” and we are striving to find a cure. But can we see what else is happening, can we perceive beyond our initial fear? And is the coronavirus implicated in some other way in this process? Perhaps we will never know. But we are becoming quiet, we are starting to perceive things differently. If we are changing, the world is changing. Aren’t we being offered an opportunity to stop and look within? One question remains: will we do it?


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Date: April 10, 2020
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Sigrid Manitius auf Pixabay CCO

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