Cooperation as a saving grace – Part 1

Gunter Friedrich (LOGON) interviewed the naturopathic doctor, author and lecturer Dr. Dagmar Uecker, Bad Soden (Germany). – Our most urgent task is to carry out a transformation of consciousness through which our egocentric mind-consciousness changes to become the servant of an intuitive consciousness of unity.

Cooperation as a saving grace – Part 1

G. F.: Dr. Uecker, you are a doctor and still practising today, at the age of more than 80. At the same time, you have been scientifically active and have lectured and published on holistic medicine, natural healing methods, quantum physics, the theory of evolution and other topics. Recently you gave a lecture on cooperation. How did you come to this topic?

D. U.: Humanity has arrived at a global crisis. The linear consciousness of separation with its thinking of either/or has led us into a dead end. As a doctor, I am confronted daily with the apparent incompatibility between evidence-based materialistic-scientific medicine and an art of healing that strives to incorporate spiritual-scientific experiential knowledge into its work on sick people.

In my view, modern materialistic science cannot be the sole source of knowledge, as it excludes the invisible and reduces itself to the analysis of matter. Both are united in the human being, the physical body with its mentality and emotionality, but also the immaterial spiritual consciousness. We have this body, but we are not the body; we are not our thoughts, our feelings nor our ego.

An integral art of healing

So, in order to accompany a healing process of the whole individual human being, a cooperation of all medical fields with their specialised expertise is urgently needed. It can no longer be just a matter of treating a medical finding, but it must be the concern of all of us to cooperatively accompany a sick person with his or her soul and spiritual essence.

Only in a voluntary joining of the individually acquired partial results can we come closer to the holistic reality and jointly develop a truly integral art of healing, in which the healing powers of the soul and the spiritual impulses can also have an effect on the recovery of the individual. Such cooperation means humanity and empathy at the same time.

G. F.: The idea of cooperation is opposed to the idea of competition. There is the idea of cooperation and the idea of competition. No cooperation is possible between these two. There is an either-or here.

The cellular community – a cooperative organisation

D. U.: Cooperation means unanimity in a common goal or at least a common expectation. From a modern neurobiological point of view, we are beings that are designed for social resonance and cooperation.

The cellular community in our organism is by nature a cooperative organisation in which individuals come together to share interests, life energy and goals. The crucial thing is the sharing. The participating cell puts its own interests aside and supports the whole.

The life of a cell in our organism and the life of a human being in our civilisation are basically analogous realities. We experience that 100 trillion cells get along harmoniously and peacefully with each other, while 7 billion people on our planet are on the verge of exterminating each other.

It is, of course, because we have ego-consciousness. The drive for competition is stimulated by our self-confident ego, which seeks its advantages, wants to consolidate its power and increase its possessions. In order to develop an unselfish willingness to cooperate that serves the common good, the transformation from self-centredness to selflessness must first take place within us. Cooperation in the sense of evolutionary progress and competition as we know it at present are therefore mutually exclusive.

G. F.: As a doctor, you deal with the human body. What is the situation there? The body has to defend itself against attacks. It has an immune system for this purpose. Which principle is in the foreground of the body, the fight for survival or cooperation?

When the body has lost its inner balance

D. U.: In our body consciousness, and thus also in our immune system, there is a wise holistic self-regulating ability that is based on coherence, i.e. a harmony of all life functions of a spiritual, mental and physical nature with regard to our integrity. In this comprehensive cooperation lies the greatest competence of our immunity and integrity.

Combative activities are emergency programmes that become necessary when the system has lost its inner balance or when its elements have fallen into dissociation.

G. F.: The body is an organism, the human being is an organism as a whole. What about the earth? Can we also regard the earth with all its living beings as an organism?

D. U.: From modern consciousness research and also from the results of quantum physics, we know today that we live in a participant universe and that we are in a network of relationships with all things and entities in this universe.

No thought, no emotion that we release into the world is lost. Everything enters the matrix of morphogenetic fields in our cosmos and seeks to be realised on the material plane. So we decide in every moment who we will be tomorrow and what will happen on the material plane.

The suffering of our soul contains the suffering of the world

We must finally understand that everything we do to others or to this planet, we actually do to ourselves. With our thoughts and actions of today, we are responsible for the circumstances and conflicts of tomorrow. Our most urgent task is to carry out a transformation of consciousness through which our egocentric mind-consciousness rises to become the servant of an intuitive consciousness of unity. Only in a supra-personal space of consciousness can we create real co-operation in the sense of evolutionary progress for this planet and its inhabitants.

We are a humanity organism to which the living entity of our planet is lent as a field of development.  Ultimately, the suffering of our soul always contains the suffering of this world. We can listen within ourselves to feel the earth weeping.

G. F.: When we look at nature, we see that all beings feed on each other. Animals feed on the plant kingdom or eat smaller animals, humans feed on the plants and animals. One kills the other. How can one speak of cooperation?

D. U.: When we look with the spiritual eye, we recognise the natural order in its wisdom and inexhaustible self-regulation. In the great chain of being, consciousness unfolds from stage to stage and reveals itself in ever more differentiated forms of life. Each new stage draws from the experiences of the previous ones and nourishes itself from their building blocks. In the process, the spiral course of an eternal “die and become” takes place, in which old forms that are no longer needed are left behind. In the spiritual principle of the order of creation, there is a perfect cooperation and synchronisation of the polar forces at work, in whose field of tension life always discovers new possibilities for development.

The killing for the preservation of the species is an evolutionary meaningful, cooperative act

Where man does not take power and control over the forces of nature with his own will, the wonders of overarching cooperation and creative adaptive variations can be perceived that fill us with wonder. In nature, killing is done only for the preservation of the species, which at the same time ensures healthy selection within the races. The animal killed in the quickest way, still in the trance state of shock, is completely absorbed into the cycle of nature and serves all kingdoms of nature for their flourishing.

On closer examination, it also becomes apparent here that in the “eating and being eaten” an evolutionarily meaningful, cooperative act of extreme economy is preserved.

(To be continued in part 2)


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Date: May 2, 2021
Author: Dr. Dagmar Uecker (Germany)
Photo: Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay CCO

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