Connecting and Disconnecting

A tiny seed of Light, floating free, has as its intention, its task, to find and connect with an earthly being. But for the moment it is disconnected, totally free. Its ultimate goal is to become connected, in one way or another, to the earth.

Connecting and Disconnecting

Another tiny seed begins to develop, a seed of earth, an infant. At an appointed time the two seeds, that of Light and that of earth, connect. A child is born. Both seeds, now connected, enter into a strange land. A land of alternatives, of opposites, of day and night, morning and evening, hot and cold, wet and dry. Aspects, belonging to that land, over which it, the new being, will have no control. But also alternatives, inner alternatives, over which it discovers it does appear to have control – emotions, thoughts, willpower. Alternatives which appear to belong to it, with which it has a sense of connection. Personal connection, inner connection.

And then there is the world in which it lives, the land it enters at birth. The strange land where it discovers a vast range of alternatives operate – where everything has an opposite. It is a world where all beings choose to either connect or disconnect from a myriad of choices. Where a whole day can be determined by a choice, by a connection. And then totally reversed by a disconnection. Not only a whole day, maybe a lifetime.

This newly emerged being has to learn to live in this world, to make appropriate choices, to manage its life and circumstances and it all takes time, much, much time. And much effort. But time passes – time of connecting and disconnecting.

The seed of Light in the being tries to influence this process which is totally alien to it, coming as it does from a place of freedom. But the seed of earth can be stubborn, determined, choosing to connect with this world, a world with which it feels affinity. The seed of Light can only wait, wait until the seed of earth becomes tired of making choices, tired of connecting and disconnecting. When it does, the seed of Light begins to speak, softly and gently, encouraging the seed of earth to look within itself, to listen to it’s inner voice. To make a new choice, a new connection and subsequently a disconnection. A disconnection from the strange land and it’s many choices, it’s many alternatives. A discovery of a new land where choices are no longer necessary, a land of true freedom.

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Date: July 9, 2021
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Stux on Pixabay CCO

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