Isn't that something we would all like to feel? Connectedness with each other, with nature, with the earth, and ultimately with the divine?


If you let the concept sink in, it is almost limitless. Connectedness with your partner, your children, your family, your friends, your fellow human beings, your pets, your house, your garden, your city, your country, your people, your language, your books, your things. Connection with your native soil, with history, with your zodiac sign and with the stars, with astrology. And also connection with your body, your organs, your cells. Is there nothing that you could not feel connected to? Your enemies? The thugs you read about in the papers? The military company? The dogmatists who cannot be dissuaded from their judgment?


So what is it really, connection? If everything is vibration, you could say that connection is a correspondence of vibration. You vibrate on the same wavelength, the same pitch, there are apparent similarities. You feel you belong. That is in the small and also in the less small, but the large, abstractions such as nature, the earth, and the cosmos, you can also feel connected to that. More and more people also feel that connection, coming to realize that everything is one, every one thing depends on another, cannot exist without another.

The world water balance used to be a harmonious unity, but has now been thrown adrift by the human intervention of the past centuries. Clearly, a lack of feeling of connection with the earth and nature, as the ancient Indian peoples still had. Lack of awareness, you could also say: that is becoming increasingly clear and more and more people are calling it as such.

To become aware of the interconnectedness of trees, for example, there is a very informative book: The hidden life of trees by Peter Wohlleben. What they feel, how they communicate – discoveries from an unknown world. A world indeed opens up for you. It’s quite amazing that we didn’t know this until now, let alone take it into account.

How can we humans raise our vibrational level in such a way that awareness of all kinds of connectedness becomes a matter of course? This involves insight, clarification, increasing sensitivity and an (inner) knowledge that until now has not been of interest. It’s like astrology: discovering the connection between us humans and the world outside. And just as Wohlleben discovered the cooperation between trees in the forest, we humans are gradually discovering the connection between nature, man and animal, between the organs in our body, between water and wind, and between man and the world. If you know that a colony of wasps eats away a kilo of mosquitoes for us every day, you won’t be so quick to destroy that nest without thinking. It’s just an example.

Awareness of connectedness leads to amazement and admiration, amazement at how everything fits together. You come to the conclusion that there must be a creative force behind everything, and you come to understand why people have called that principle “God” throughout the ages of their existence. It could be that the loss of the sense of belonging has to do with the abolition of the God-idea, yes, is the result of it. Five hundred years ago, God was like oxygen, indispensable in whatever form. Now God has become an option. Man determines it all himself, but no longer sees the big picture. Dividing, separating, and analyzing, it is the opposite of promoting solidarity. Everything is divided into boxes. Take medicine alone, you have a specialist for this ailment and one for that. Often they do not know what each other is doing to the same body.

There is one word that represents the ultimate sense of connectedness: ubiquity of consciousness.

We’re not there yet. A beginning is a realization: to understand everything is to forgive everything. That seems like a seemingly hopeless task. Understand everything? Is that possible? We can’t do that at all, can we?

Yet the ubiquity of consciousness is the ultimate destiny of human development, as the basis for the return to unity. If the desire grows to achieve this, in any case, to strive for it, then there is a choice: to go there, see that as the end goal, and to that end systematically raise the vibration, our vibration, in such a way that we receive more insight, to gain more attention for the wonder, the admiration. To develop the awareness of the unity that we form as humanity, with nature and with the earth and also realise that we are part of it. In all humility, in surrender to the higher. Forgive more and more because we come to understand more and more.

It starts with silence, with listening, perceiving, and observing. Searching for connection as well as connecting with the higher in everything in life. Or maybe the order is the other way around. As we seek connection with the higher, we become more aware of the interconnectedness, of the fact that all is one, that the emphasis on separation only takes us further away from that oneness. Seeking connection is a joyful task, the way to liberation from our limited consciousness is the way to unity.

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Date: November 28, 2022
Author: Anneke Stokman-Griever (Netherlands)
Photo: Crystals - Jene Yeo on Unsplash

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