At a Certain Point – A Companion who never leaves us

Through life experience we come to a certain point where we begin to wonder what it’s all about …..

At a Certain Point – A Companion who never leaves us

We, all of us, carry within ourselves a companion. A companion which belongs not to the earth but to another realm. A companion who joins us at birth and stays with us life-long. A companion who we can’t see, but who we can experience, whose presence we can sense. One who never hides from us, who is ever-present. But we can – and do – hide from it, mostly unconsciously. Up until a certain point in life we burden ourselves with a myriad of experiences, many of them necessary for our learning and our survival, which prevent us from acknowledging the presence of our inner companion, and that is how it needs to be. Up until a certain point.

Our companion waits, observes, endures. Through life experience, through the ups and downs, the excitement, turmoil and suffering, we gradually come to a point, that certain point, where we begin to wonder if this is all there is, what it’s all about. What is the purpose of it all? At that certain point we begin to seek for something else. At that certain point our inner companion begins to speak to us and we recognise it’s presence. It has waited for us, often waited a long time, many lifetimes even. We let go gradually of our ballast, our earthly bindings and in sincere gratitude, together with our companion, we move forward.

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Date: October 10, 2022
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Lars Nissen on Pixabay CCO

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