Always Connected

Some time ago, there was a commercial on the television, for a subscription to a telephone company. In it were images of people sending messages and making video calls to each other, all with a pleasant, sun-soaked background. All the actors looked radiantly happy.

Always Connected

At the end of the commercial there was the message: We can always be connected!  And of course, the underlying message: If you do this, you will belong and be happy.

In our twenty-first century, the differing means of communications available to us, make it very easy to connect with each other in many ways. But does this form of connection actually make us happy all of the time, as the general advertising promises?

Connection is of course, possible on many different levels.  For example, there is the connection we feel with nature, with our loved ones, family and friends, with certain art forms, or even just a connection with ourselves.

And then there is the connection that we can have with a love force that is of an entirely different order.  But how is it possible that one moment, during a walk through nature, for example, this connection can be experienced very strongly, and yet at another moment, not at all?

In the latter case, everything feels, as it were, as if at a distance, remote.  In reality, there is no distance in the world of unity.  Distance seems real only because of our ego-consciousness, which simply thinks in terms of separation, driven by its role as protector of the self.  But unfortunately, the protector has proven to be unable to keep out what it sees as a potential threat to itself.  And because it wants to keep out trouble, pain and sorrow, it also prevents the good, the beautiful and the true from entering into its life.  The closed heart stops everything!  Instead of the closed heart resulting in security, which is the goal of the protector, it creates more fear for the perceived threats the I-consciousness sees as originating from ‘outside’ of itself.

If this form of self-protection does not really help, then could there be another possibility; could there be an opposite movement to separation?  Would surrender be a way to an open heart?  No more resistance to that which is, but rather total acceptance, including accepting our deficiencies, brokenness and vulnerabilities.

Even in the midst of separation, the ‘Oneness’ patiently awaits our return.  If we can step out of our everyday delusion, maybe when we are touched by a beautiful piece of music, or the disarming smile of a child, we can, in that moment, be taken out of ourselves and be connected to the vastness of the All.

In this omnipresent space, a new life can arise, in which there is a conscious connection with both humanity and the All.  The experience of the brokenness of separation is not without purpose, for only by experiencing this can one learn the workings of the I-consciousness, its limitations, and what our heart really longs for.

The longing to be united with true Love can overcome the darkest illusion of thought, because this longing attracts the Light.  If these forces find an open and prepared heart, they can take up residence in us and become positive forces in our lives.  That which is surrendered by us, eventually disappears and true rest takes its place – a rest that is immersed and filled by Love, which is completion in itself.

Experiencing the brokenness of human deficiency, is something that every person knows or has known, and through which true beauty can also be found when the heart is opened in genuine longing.  Love also needs us, seeks us and calls us constantly.  No matter how often we think we are making mistakes, Love forgives and always embraces us again.  In that power there is wholeness, and in that power we are always connected.


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Date: November 28, 2022
Author: Christian Bruin (Netherlands)
Photo: Sun-mosaic Emily Jackson on Unsplash

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