“All Change …..”

On which train will you travel?

“All Change …..”

There can be no doubt now that the world, our planet, our home, is undergoing considerable change. But are we, the inhabitants, willing to follow that change?

“All change …”. The announcement rings out throughout the length of the train, through all the carriages. A change is being called for, a change to bring us to another destination. The travellers stir, move restlessly, many of them heeding the call and slowly gathering their luggage. Willing to obey the call, confident that a change is not only called for but vitally necessary. They have reached the destination set out for at the beginning of the journey, reached a new point of departure. For some it is through satisfaction, all their needs and aspirations have been met and they can readily move on. Others, for whom the journey has not been so happy, so fulfilling, are more than ready to try a different journey. They have gathered their belongings together as well and are preparing to leave the train.

But what of those still sitting in their seats, stubbornly refusing to take leave of the train? For some it is very comfortable there, why would they want to leave? Why would they consider moving on? They remain firmly embedded in their seats despite the continuing call “all change…” They see no reason to change, all is fine as it is.
And yet others, who are perhaps too frail, too fearful to consider change, they shield themselves from the call with protestations of illness, with reading newspapers, watching movies, playing video games, or pretending to be asleep. The call is not heeded, whatever the way. They remain in the train,, entrenched in their seats as it prepares to leave the station, continuing on its same journey, on its same route. The willing passengers, those willing to change, prepare to board a new train, set out on a new journey, full of expectation and new hope.

Might this not be where we find ourselves now on this planet? The call for change is increasingly apparent, the realisation that it’s not possible or indeed advisable to continue on in the old way. Change is called for, and now. Some of the inhabitants, hopefully those who are reading this, are ready to accomplish a change, whether through maturing of years and consciousness, insight into the world’s situation, travelling a spiritual path or otherwise , are willing to make a change, to move in a new direction, board a new train. Others, through a life of restlessness, unsettlement, many challenges and often through illness, are seeking a new direction also, a release from a troubled existence. Aquarian forces, so prevalent now, offer the opportunity for change, we have only to accept it. We are fortunate to be living in these times. “All change..” rings out clearly.
For many others the time is not yet ripe, they choose consciously or unconsciously not to heed the call, to continue with a life that may still be very satisfactory despite the prevailing circumstances or that is beyond their current conscious ability to change. And be that as it may.
Both trains are preparing to leave on their journeys. One offering a continuation of the current journey , the other to an unknown, as yet unseen, destination.
On which one will you be a passenger?

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Date: October 6, 2023
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Fausto García-Menéndez on Unsplash CCO

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