A new clarity

How the look of a child opened my eyes ...

A new clarity

It was a cloudy day. All morning and even at noon the presence of something was casting a pall over me. There was something weighing heavily on my mind. It could not be grasped, it could not be named. Although I assumed that the reason for this might be an event which had happened to me in the morning, I did not know what was bothering me. In the afternoon, even a good friend was not able to really cheer me up. We went shopping. At a cash desk, I saw a young mother pushing a pram with a little baby. The baby had long black hair and looked like a doll. Again and again, I had to look into his dark blue eyes. I exchanged some words with the mother.

While I was looking at the child, I forgot myself. Later on, I found that my soul was again able to breathe freely. The inexplicable incubus had vanished. I noticed that the sun was shining, I became light-hearted and joked on the way back with my friend. I was glad feeling joy in my heart again.

What had happened? My innermost being had come to a rest. It was the child who presented something pure to me.

Without judgement I perceived the little child completely unbiased. I became silent. The friend and I saw the child as a miracle of the creation. He was touched, too.

As a matter of fact, divinity is revealed in every creature, in every living being, even in everything, be it a small ray of light penetrating through dark clouds, or a flock of birds changing its form between spherical and elliptical, coming together and drifting apart again. Whether it is a blue wall-flower or the multitude of butterflies flying around a butterfly bush or a small child with its first clumsy steps, divinity reveals itself.

Being self-forgetful is the only way to perceive divine aspects in earthly objects and enjoy them. This happens in a second, in the present moment, instantly. It is not time with its future and past, it is the moment which presents this revelation to us. The moment always comprises eternity. If we are self-forgetful something very light in us opens up instantly and our heart becomes light. We feel free and easy-going.

It feels as if we have emerged from a dark forest into a bright clearing, breathing with relief. We are glad to see the clarity of the skies above us because we are longing for the light: consciously for the brightness of the day and unconsciously – for the divine light. If we no longer wish to be important, we are able to perceive this light, this new clarity.

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Date: March 19, 2018
Author: Silke Kittler (Germany)
Photo: pixabay

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