A Game of Life

Creating inner space

A Game of Life

Very recently I discovered a rather intriguing game on my computer which consists of an empty space completely encircled by a wall of small blocks, several blocks high and several blocks deep. All blocks are coded as to which direction, one direction only, in which they can be moved to release them from the wall. They cannot move into the inner empty space but can go in any direction other than that unless there is another block in their way. I have to admit that this game is, as are all computer games, considerably addictive! And rather than just being a game it had the capacity somehow to touch something within, to stimulate some sort of inner connection.

I studied the game more closely, wanting to understand for myself at least, the reason behind it’s addictiveness and inner attraction. The aim of the game is to eliminate, one by one, all of the blocks within a set time frame. Not an easy task considering each can only progress in an upward or downward direction, or towards the outside of the wall and only when there is free access to do so. For a large part progress is impeded by other blocks and there is a time limit so one has to think quickly.

My thoughts turned to life, our wheel of life, a circular course from one lifetime to the next. Each wheel of life, each circle, consisting of many, many experiences all interwoven together. Within that circle, fully enclosed, a seemingly empty, unknown space. We traverse that circle, round and round, experience after experience. Most often we neglect the opportunity, or the inclination, to perceive what might actually be happening. In the computer game there are “special blocks” randomly appearing seemingly from nowhere which can be eliminated to create a space through which a block can pass to the outside. Blocks are not able to enter the inner space, but ultimately the aim is to create gaps in the wall to allow the inner space to reach the outside.

Back to life. We are circling through our experiences when all of a sudden a “special block” appears – a circumstance, be it positive or negative, delightful or stressful that has the potential to create some space. We are impelled to allow the circumstance to occur, it’s something we can’t change. To eliminate the block, we need to observe it, understand it and release our reaction to it, our attachment. And when we manage to eliminate the block in this way a space is created. A space that allows us to see things a little differently, a space in which quite often we can even release another block or two. Why else would they be called blocks? We continue on around the circle, perhaps not too consciously initially. Another “special block” appears, maybe several, and we are compelled to remove those also in the same way since they impede our progress. We continue to see things from a different perspective, seeing the heavy load that we are carrying, recognising the need to remove blocks as we go. Our load becomes lighter as we progress, although quite often removing the blocks is a heavy task in itself.
The “special blocks” continue to appear, we still do not know from where, but they seem to have a purpose in helping us to break down the walls, block by block, which enclose that inner space. Each time we manage to open a hole in the wall a chink is created and we become lighter, more in touch with the inner space whose source remains elusive. A space that is different, unlike anything we have experienced previously on our circle of life. As we create more chinks, initiated by the “special blocks”, we sense that they are related, connected to the inner empty space, that they lift us, create a new reality, even if only for a short period of time. But they inspire us to continue on, experiencing that the new spaces created actually stimulate the process. Towards the end of the computer game, when most of the blocks have been released, any remaining blocks appear to be spontaneously released, as if an invisible force from the empty space, from within, scatters them without any intervention on our part, like leaves blown in the wind.

We begin to perceive what is happening for us. All our impediments, our attachments, perceived through our changing state of consciousness, are transmuted and progressively disappear as we progress and we find ourselves immersed, more and more, in an inner and outer freedom and stillness. The inner space can now begin to radiate, unite with the outer, the outer with the inner. Consequently our approach to life changes and we are enabled to enter into a new state of life, a renewed state of consciousness.
All becomes one and one becomes all.

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Date: September 16, 2023
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash CCO

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