Mysteries and challenges of birth, life and death Becoming a new human being

Mysteries and challenges of birth, life and death Becoming a new human being


fourth book, 304 p. / isbn 978 90 6732 4816

By André de Boer and René Stevelink

Rosycross Press, Mysteries and challenges of birth

The spiritual art of living from inner knowledge, love and strength

Why was I born? What am I supposed to do here? After my death my body decays, but what happens then to my consciousness? Does that disappear too? Or does it increase instead? Will I go to heavenly spheres or will some part of me possibly return to earth in a different body? How can I deal with practical and ethical dilemmas about life and the end of life?

These are essential life questions, posed everywhere by many people, no matter what their culture, religion or social position. If you keep these questions truly alive in your heart, you do not receive precise answers, but those questions dissolve and you yourself become the answer. The true question is not whether there is life after death, but whether you are truly alive before death. Your vision of birth, life and death are determining the way in which you experience and shape your life now.

Birth is the opposite of death, but life has no opposite. Life has always been and life will always be; it is a mystery. You will never fully understand it, but it is possible to penetrate deeply into it, so that you are filled with the true, the good and the beautiful.

Submerge into the ancient and at the same time very timely mystery wisdom of the Rosicrucians as conveyed in this book. Experience the magnificence of the spirit. Be inspired by the Christian mysteries, in which all liberating values of prior philosophies and religions are brought together and renewed. Live in the fiery present as in a daily feast. Enter into eternal freedom, that lovingly beckons you!

1. preface

2. introduction

3. accepting the word

4. incarnating on earth

5. fathoming cycles

6. coping with loss 

7. making the two into one 

8. using your talents 

9. becoming free from illusion 

10. acquiring the resurrection body 

11. experiencing the eternal now

12. respecting life

13. welcoming birth

14. accepting aging

15. expanding awareness

16. accomplishing the law of love

17. promoting happiness

18. preventing deception

19. understanding dying

20. building the inner temple




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Date: October 30, 2019

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