The soul today

The soul is able to build up a great tension. With one pole it can be firmly connected to the earth and with the other pole it can be firmly anchored in the "nameless". It is then like a tree rooted deep in the earth with its crown reaching up to the sky.

The soul today

The soul survives in a shadow world

Even thinking about the soul is like entering the nameless. In the modern world, the nameless is an abstract force that penetrates more and more into people’s consciousness. In ancient times, it was an intuitive magical world that slowly became forgotten and it became an unconscious world with the beginning of modern times.

A scientifically rational view of life developed, in which the rationally tangible and the intellectually comprehensible became the standard for truth. The soul survived in the realm of fables and fairy tales, whose soul worlds became the basis for modern youth literature. In German youth literature, a special form has developed in recent decades with a mixture of fantasy, fairy tales and myths that adults also like to read.

At the beginning of the last century, the hitherto firmly established, rational, scientifically- based, mechanistic view of the world began to show increasing cracks. Quantum physics, with its concept of quantum mechanics, penetrated into areas where the mechanistic physical principles no longer seemed to apply. The nature of quanta proved to be contradictory according to previous scientific research. New research had to learn  “both/and”.  There were several research results on the same subject, all of which, although contradictory, had to be recognized as correct side by side.

A newly developing psychology penetrated the mental areas of the human being and searched for scientific methods to approach the conscious and unconscious areas beyond the physical anatomy. With the development of psychology, discussions about the reality of the soul received new impulses. The discussion shifted from the fundamental existence of the soul in favor of a discussion about the methods of an objective approach to the shape and work of the soul.

The soul fluids are electric

At the beginning of the last century, Alice Bailey predicted that with the discovery of electricity, the discussion about the soul and its function would enter a new phase. To put it cautiously, one can say that electricity is at least like the “fluid” of the soul. Electricity is a central force of our modern world. With its invisible effects, it is something new, abstract, and not very tangible for us. In this respect, it resembles a virtual reality, whose effects sometimes is constructive and in the next moment will have a destructive effect on the various social systems and communities.

Dealing with these electrical forces, this digital universe makes humanity more and more sensitive. Through growing sensitivity, man can become more aware again of the lost world of the soul.

A new old world

Through development of mankind, man has constantly created new spaces for himself. Today, these are primarily virtual spaces in which the sense of space-time changes completely. The experiences tend to spring from dynamics like those of the soul worlds we know from dream experiences. We experience the impact of this world on our material reality in a particularly impressive way through social media, whereby entire states are suddenly drawn into strong processes of change from a virtually generated group dynamic of like-minded people, as happened with the so-called “Arab Spring”, or even individual people experience hostility or, in personal catastrophe situations, great support.

A modern ubiquity

Due to his very one-sided material orientation, a limited perception develops in man. At the same time, he experiences the virtual world as a modern omnipresence. Through engagement with the new virtual spaces, the sense of the constricting material boundaries fades and perception widens. The limited perspective, reinforced by a mechanistic view of the world in which science saw no difference between the gears of a clock and the anatomy of a human being, slowly seems to be giving way to a new view of life. With the development of the new digital electrical technology, this development is being reinforced. Whereas the virtual spaces were previously only accessible to particularly sensitive and soulful people, today every person who can operate a smartphone or a computer can gain access to this world and must come to terms with its laws, even if they may not be consciously able to do so.

Now, due to a lack of depth in perception, the virtual world still appears to people as if it were delimited, almost eternal. Only a deeper perception will make the boundaries of this subtle world visible again. The discussion about so-called transhumanism is also subject to this deficiency. It tries to overcome the mortality of humanity by creating technical-biological hybrid beings or isolating consciousness in order to let it live on eternally after an upload into a cloud.

The following quote can be found in the online archive of a program by the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation: “Man, who has developed evolutionarily, is a deficient being. He becomes ill, frail, old and dies. These deficiencies must be overcome with the help of science and technological progress. That seems to be the core idea of transhumanism.” Georg Gasser, University of Augsburg, (Bayrischer Rundfunk, 02.11.2020, 17:27 Mind Upload: The Dream of Immortality)

One could speak of a “digital soul” that is lifted into eternity. But this virtual world is electric, is the product of electrically generated fields. And perhaps this eternity will end very quickly if someone gets the idea to pull the plug and make the “cloud” powerless.

Man attains wisdom through differentiation

Let us return to the human soul. The world described above has now become a reality that humanity must open anew. It must become an inhabited reality through experience and knowledge. In many ways it is not new because many dynamics people know from within themselves. They are the landscapes of the soul that every human being experiences more or less consciously. They are part of his soul and carry him through his life.

The first divine fiat of many creation stories, which marks the beginning of the history of humanity, brought forth a mirror in which the thoughts of the “unknowable” can become visible. The power of this special mirror lies in taking up the thoughts and differentiating them ever further, thus allowing the whole diversity of divine creation to become visible. Conscious and unconscious soul landscapes, which arise from the dynamics of the soul, entail that it can forget its origin. Thus, it gives itself captive to its own creation. Even though the light from which it originally emerged continues to shine, it has lost direct access to it.

The myths show that the soul is not easy to recognize in its essence. It is more like a chameleon that always takes on the color of its surroundings. The cloak in which the soul is wrapped becomes visible. The dynamic for realization, differentiation and development, the spirit behind the soul worlds remains invisible.

The dynamics in the turn of time

What we are experiencing right now, in a time of great upheaval, is that the soul not only wears different coats or garments, but these also seem to stick to it. It is not easy for it to take off these garments. It is often a painful process. Right now, humanity is experiencing how it suffers from the strong change of our planet. It is not able to react consciously to these changes in order to harmoniously accompany all that is happening. Rather, it is trying to stop the world because it cannot take off the mantle it is used to. Thus, the soul has no choice but to grow in constant failure. Failure brings with it increasing experience and differentiation of consciousness and a refinement of perception. In the process, the limits of a world that now appears limitless and eternal become visible again.

These cycles that lead to a constant development cannot hide the fact that the soul still possesses a second nature. As God’s original creation, it is eternal in its core as a spiritual being. This creates a painful tension, especially in times of great change.

It can only overcome the suffering that arises through experience and differentiation after a time of intensive experience, when it is able to detach itself from the world in which it was caught. These are often painful processes, which are always associated with failure, but which allow it to grow precisely because of this.

The soul grows in its failure

In the process of resolution, the soul goes through different phases. They develop against the background on which all development takes place. Ultimately, it is a striving to regain the original incomprehensible form, a call for the spirit to free it. In doing so, she can only ever be fully what she is now. She is currently experiencing the world in its polarity, wrapped in the cloak of matter, and she must constantly decide. Again and again, she is faced with an “either-or” decision. After a deep experience of many, often paradoxical experiences, she comes to a “both-as well” and detaches herself from matter in a “neither-nor”. In this way, she is given the opportunity to connect completely with the Nameless One and thus regain her original freedom. When it also overcomes the “neither-nor”, it becomes one with the nameless – let us call it “spirit” – the core of its being.

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Date: November 15, 2021
Author: Heiko Haase (Germany)
Photo: Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay CCO

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