The magic of the heart: from consciousness to deeds

In a chaotic world we often ask ourselves how to make our understanding become effective. Too often goodwill and zeal do not find any space. How to apply the real in-formation, the consciousness of the original Form which has to be achieved in the whole manifested world?

The magic of the heart: from consciousness to deeds

On my old rusty iron chair, in the middle of the meadow, the insistent song of the blackbirds covering the deeper song of a distant nightingale captures me, while an almost impetuous wind moves dense heaps in the unusually clear sky and torments the long stems. Wind cleaning the air, returning the sky an unknown shine. Fragrance of green and of flowers.

Actually all this wonder, so fleeting for the wheezing overlapping of the seasons, leaves me restless. I ask myself how I can indulge to such a beauty, in my little niche, if my thought cyclically returns to the desolate scenario which every day, from wherever in the world grasps us in our everyday life.

To put it mildly, we live in the chaos.

I wish I could paint, but my mind is emptied, dazed by what happens inside and around me, and each act of mine risks to get lost in the futile succession of meaningless possibilities, in which the thought forms and defines its little useless world.  Every new possibility to cope is cyclically explored, consumed, devoured and ends up in the waste.  I ask myself where I’m going. Where are we all going ?


I reflect. A privilege denied to the most of people: time for rest and silence, necessary condition for the introspection and for an individual awareness.
Conscience, drained of the necessary silence from the collective greed, has no more time to respond to the call that comes from I do not know where, from very far…


I realize how the visible part of reality creates in me a discouraging feeling. The depressing part by which I feel absorbed, which I’d like to deny or solve, must somehow be supported by the other side, the positive half of the world of the opposites.  It’s about less  visible but new events. According to many in parallel with the disintegration process, an integration process would be developing, where old needs are surpassed and replaced by new ones. They are new expressions, closer to a developing human race, gifted with a major consciousness, intelligence, moral sense and resolution.  Surprising efforts arise: generosity, self-denial, untamed faith and unforeseen solutions in every sector. But the process is slow.


Nevertheless the pain weighs, it feels like a pressure on our breastbone.

The unhappiness of a single is heavier than the wellbeing of many.


It seems that we can no longer think about ourselves without including and embracing at the same time other people’s destiny, because it touches us inside, emotionally, but also practically.

The right to life of everybody is also mine. The interest of the other is also mine, the misfortune of the other is also mine, the defeat of the other is my defeat.

It seems that the world, which expanded so much further to the scientific divulgation, for this same reason and thanks to the technological progress has become little again, held in the common destiny touching each one of us: collective thought, common interest. That’s how the life of the whole planet has become mine.


Is there any connection between my green awakening of consciousness and a really efficient act?
Giving up fury and exhaustion, and trying to reverse the terms: from discouragement to trust, from indifference to enthusiasm… on the basis of a concrete knowledge.

Yes, it exists. The great powers of the visible world, which might seem to be all interconnected, are so only in my complicity. That’s why the complot theory cannot, must not last.  We have to take away our inner support although economy, finance, industry,  digitalisation, energy management, some culture, some religion seem to be orchestrated on a common platform to all chase one single objective and despite this common goal seems to satisfy the hunger of an unique invisible leadership.


If we are anyway forced to give our subtle energy to these forces, we are the only ones to allow this  mechanism. In reality an alert and awake consciousness is much stronger than any invisible power. We can deeply understand this true and efficaciously act. It’s the path the Pistis Sophia went through in her return journey towards the First Mystery.


We got to the chaos we live today by forgetting the fine intuition of the heart, which talks to us with a slight but certain voice. Yes, slight but impressive. The Heart follows another logic, another scenario. It creates a very different map from the one we used to know, outlined by the mind. 

If the defeat of the other is also mine, reversing the terms of the perspective could my positive reaction be also the reaction of the other? As a great force lives in me, a pure evidence: the awareness that everything is possible because the Whole is also a part of me and can only tamely bend to the needs of a mind awakened in the light of the reasons of the heart.


Those who seek should not stop seeking

As a support of a maybe pretentious, perhaps titanic  thought, there is the little flame of the wisdom of the heart, the one which cannot bear questions on hold, nor reasons of state, nor any illusion of the political apathy.  It digs, polishes, investigates, compares, strengthens, tests, advances hypothesis, tests again, reinforces and starts again at any unexpected event.


The shining light, the little irradiating spark in our heart pushes us to search, to believe, to insist, to not give up and to attempt until a unique Truth spreads out in front of us: what we do to the smallest of us is for everybody. What I do to myself, I do to everybody. Both good and bad. I recognize the return path, the restoration of the order in the world, as well as in my life, by reviving the path of the Origin, awake of feeling mutilated by the time.


The Whole is becoming a unifying factor in the consciousness and the common unconsciousness provides for a large pool dedicated to shared thoughts, shared wishes, shared hopes and certainties. It will be this pool to reshape the world.


Nevertheless, as usual, a leak opens immediately in front of an intuition of the spiritual heart, a new occasion of fall, the temptation to re-wrap what could really free us with the vain cloth of dialectic life.  How much are we tempted to save the world in which we were born and of which we don’t want to get rid of? Countless schools teach us how to use our thought in a magic way. Yet we know that our perspectives, coming from a trapped mind and  from a soul still wrapped in swaddling clothes, are not able to let us draw from the real Life. Again the heart knows it. And it warns us.


The plan of the Whole will not manifest itself in this dual world. What are we really looking for? The bread of the nature or the wine of the Spirit? Only the heart knows it.


The victory of Life on the blunder, the liberation of truth, the return to the beauty of the Origin, by the force of the conviction and the certainty of the victory providing for another world. We experience how the little flame is growing stronger and  more intense. We perceive the weight of each decision and act and before this, the weight of each positive thought as an effective action overflowing around us and spreading from the inside to the whole cosmos. If the little embers of each single is supported by others, the blazing fire will be very big and accomplish the established task. Starting again from ourselves, like when we didn’t know anything, with the force of a very little child.

If I am Love, the world in which I live will also be love, it will be beauty if there is beauty in myself. The enemy exists first in my imagination and only after in reality. I create it. I give force to it. The are no stronger forces than this unique reality living everywhere, whose center is everywhere and therefore within me. 

With the consciousness now strengthened by the long research and by the bright conviction that all is in us and all belongs to us, and only after the trial of Fire, the heart starts again to believe, to dare. And finally to act.

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Date: January 30, 2020
Author: Mariaberica Buzzaccarini (Italy)
Photo: Peter Hall on Unsplash

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