The law of harmony – a source for our health

We create great disharmony in our whole planetary life field, which can only be balanced through massive revolutions and global catastrophes.

The law of harmony – a source for our health


The pathogen is nothing, the environment is everything!

                                                                                Claude Bernard (1813-1878)

Our health is in a state of delicate balance. In it’s self-regulation, it strikes a sensitive balance between forces that maintain, and forces that adapt to new circumstances.

The law of harmony is a wonderful instrument in the manifestation of the all, which serves the further development of life.

It makes use of a natural polarity between maintaining, preserving forces and dynamic, dissolving and renewing ones.

An evolution into ever more differentiated life forms and higher levels of consciousness is only possible by means of an interplay between these mutually maintaining and temporally alternating contrasts.

Despite the almost limitless variety of different expressions which exist in the interplay of the contrasting powers in our universe, the harmony of the cosmos remains intact. The wave motions of the opposite poles keep the balance because they complete each other, they necessitate and embrace each other as it were. In truth, on a higher octave of life, beyond space and time, they are a unity. They stem from a common root.

Polarity and duality

Our life is basically characterized by polarity: we cannot breathe out without breathing in, without any assimilation there is no dissimilation, we must sleep to be active again while awake, our vegetative nervous system controls all the vital functions rhythmically via the firing, activating sympathetic nervous system and the stabilizing, energy-saving parasympathetic nerve. Thus, we can live our life in healthy harmony in an interplay of activity and relaxing.

Illnesses are an expression of a disharmony in our biorhythm. The balance between performance and relaxation, between food intake and elimination, between moving and being still, between our work of consciousness on the outside and our self-reflection on the inside, is disturbed. A guarantee for life-giving harmony in the colourful interplay of life is the right measure. Nowadays we are living in an age in which material science has created enormous technical possibilities; the so-called progress is seemingly driven into an endless spiral, in which the right measure is not considered in the proud frenzy of new achievements.

Since, with the wish for continuous growth on all levels, only one pole in the tension field of life is emphasized, we create great disharmony in our whole planetary life field, which can only be balanced through massive revolutions and global catastrophes.

So, the time has come for us to realize that we ourselves are the cause of our current deplorable planetary situation on the ecological, social, and health levels. The Anthropocene age seems not to be a very praiseworthy era in the history of humankind.

Wherever the human being brings an imbalance into the processes of the polar forces which steer all life in our universe, by considering only one pole, he calls for a violent correction, so that the balance which he disturbed can be evened out again.

There is a “spiritual dowry” which is engraved in each immortal human soul as a possible attitude. It becomes visible in the form of virtues like moderation, courage, justice, compassion, belief in the sense of basic trust, hope as an unwavering confidence, and all-encompassing love. If we integrate these pure attributes in ourselves, then we are a living breeding ground for a harmonious, healthy, cooperative and compassionate human race.

As ego-personalities it is not so easy to transfer these virtues, which are characterized by selflessness, into our life sphere. The ego abuses them for its selfish purposes, breaks them down from their all-encompassing unity into an I-central separateness, so that they descend into a state of duality. Thus, vices like intemperance, cowardice, envy, cruelty, jealousy, rage and hatred develop through human activity. This is how the polarity turns into duality. In such dualities we find incompatible and antagonistic contrasts, through which we fight against each other instead of completing one another. They produce never-ending discords and wars and they poison the human ethos. This is the reason why our biosphere, our field of consciousness and our inner environment are fundamentally ill.

The „milieu“

By the term “milieu” the French doctor, pharmacist and experimental physiologist Claude Bernard does not mean an environment that is characterized by hygienic measures, but the quality of our mentality, our feelings, our wanting, which can secure a harmonious regulation of our physical existence.

How can we find the way to a harmonious life regulation? The answer lies in learning to accept the natural interplay of the polarities and not to lead it into an imbalance through our personal interests.

The duality has not come about from the cosmic law of harmony. It has developed from the presumption of the self-important human being who subordinated his pure soul attributes to the power of his ego. It can be cured through purifying self-knowledge and self-conquest. Then the reawakening of the higher soul levels in the human being will be experienced again.

The ego, with its high-handed materialistic intellectual logic, must be willing to live as a faithful servant of the immortal soul with its intuition and its innate virtues.

Since like attracts like, we should not be surprised that we ourselves opened the doors for forces and their material carrier, which attack our organisms in a parasitic way and establish themselves in a merciless, expansive and destructive way.

Globalization in the sense of an interconnectedness on the soul level among people can mean a healthy harmony for the organism of humanity. However, what we now call globalization is a life impulse that mainly came about through a purely materialistic mentality, with which some powerful people get rich at the expanse of others and who use their power to keep exploiting them.

The effects that this behavior triggers catch up with humanity in order to give it another chance to recognize itself.

In the Taoist medicine they say: “If you kill an intruder, it does not mean closing the doors in his face”.

The best way to treat illnesses is to prevent them. To do so, you have to know their cause. Well, the cause of our fundamental illness and of the imbalances in the biosphere of our planet is us.

The imbalances created by us lead to a disharmony in the cosmic and planetary environment as well as in our inner world, which affects the energetic and material levels. The terrain of our biosphere and the morphogenetic field of our planet, from whose forces our reality of tomorrow will take shape, are in a hopeless imbalance. The same is true for our physical and subtle body system. In this you find the “milieu”, the mother soil on which a susceptibility to disease and epidemics can develop.

It is not the microbes which actually cause our illnesses, it is the ill milieu and our self-created disposition, which make us get ill and which open the doors for the destructive work of microbes.

The greater the chaos in our inner life is, the easier it is to attack us from the outside. This is equally true for our planetary life sphere.


Auto-aggression diseases develop when an autonomous organism rebels against its own protein components and begins to destroy them.

We know that they are not curable as long as this self-destructive process goes on.

Is it not true that the human organism as a whole has started an auto-aggressive behavior on this planet?

We are given a great lesson by this worldwide health crisis. From this perspective we can see it as a gift which gives us the possibility to have higher insights into the true connections, with which our life and our development to perfection are steered.

The only chance to be cured from our fundamental disease consists of heeding the laws of harmony in our cosmos and also in our microcosm, accepting their interplay, and thereby preparing a healthy terrain for an upward development of our consciousness, a voluntary cooperation in the creative order, and a fertile mother soil for future lives.

In the present “infestation” a beneficial hand reaches out to us.

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Date: April 29, 2020
Author: Dr. Dagmar Uecker (Germany)
Photo: Ruth Alice Kosnick

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