The era of Aquarius – One door is opening

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The era of Aquarius – One door is opening

More and more articles are published about science and spirituality. It is as if a door had been opened allowing two seemingly separate worlds to encounter each other. Or rather, to meet again.

To understand what “a door has been opened” could mean, we must resort to the idea that the history of mankind is realized through periods that are subjected to various cosmic influences.

These cosmic influences are shaped as far as man and earth are concerned through constellations that belong to our zodiac.

This may seem to be a dogma, but in reality, it simply corresponds to a spiritual perception of the world.

This point of view contradicts a materialistic view of life in which the history of the world develops as a sequence of events which depend only on the human being. This could also be a dogma.

In fact, all life is subject to a rhythm. The circadian rhythm of the body, the rhythm of the seasons, the rhythm of days and nights, etc.

The rhythm that we are interested in today is the rhythm of the precession of the equinoxes. It is this rhythm that will guide the influences we receive from the constellations.

And even though, it does not seem this way at this point, let’s see how this rhythm is linked with the opening of the door that we previously mentioned.

But before we talk about the consequences of this movement, let us explain it in a simple way.


Precession of the equinoxes 

The earth undergoes three types of movements: a rotation around the sun in 365 days, a rotation around itself in 24 hours and then there is a third very important movement. In fact, it is the axis of the earth that follows a circle similar to the axis of a spinning top, in approximately 25,800 years (these are approximate figures) and is the cause of what we call the precession movement of the equinoxes.

The word equinox means that the days and the nights are of equal duration.

The spring equinox is on March 21st, which means that on the first day of Spring, we see the sun rise on the axis of a constellation, and at the end of a period of 2,150 years the sun will rise on the following constellation.


This movement seems to be slow because the sun shifts by 1 degree every 75.1 years.In this depiction, one can see the circle of the zodiac along which the sun moves. It is the plane of the ecliptic. There is also the circle of the celestial equator. The intersection of these two circles is called the vernal point. It is the point where the sun rises on the first day of spring. And as we have explained, the sun now moves from the sign of Pisces to the sign of Aquarius. This moving from one sign to another has consequences, because we are then subject to cosmic and inter-cosmic influences of another nature. And these influences act directly on all planes of manifested life. The physical plane, the psychic plane and the spiritual plane.

Each sign of the zodiac has its own character, a seal that differentiates it from all the others.

The Aquarius sign is symbolized by the figure of the man with a jug. It is also called the water bearer. In fact, it pours the water from the jug. That is why the sacred book of the Zohar says:

All the heavenly treasures and hidden mysteries that have not been discovered for generations will be made known during the Age of Aquarius.


Reality has two aspects

There is the aspect of visible phenomena, and the noumenal aspect. The noumenal aspect is an event that appears in itself independent of perception by the senses. These two aspects are invisible and constitute the essence of everything that is manifested. These aspects can be compared to the rim and the axis of a wheel. There is no disruption going from the periphery to the center. It is simply a matter of frequency. The closer we get to the center, the higher the frequency. But when we approach the center we reach a limit.

This limit was established by the physicist Max Planck. That means that at a given moment nothing can be measured.  We come to what physicists call the quantum void. They also know that behind this emptiness there is a daunting energy – an unknown world.

And it is here that a spiritual perception of the world can surface, an understanding that is found in all wisdoms, stating that reality is One, that there is no separation between matter and spirit, between existence and essence, between the rim and the axis. A change of consciousness is needed to cross the limit that prevents us from knowing or experiencing what is behind the mysterious quantum vacuum.

We can now return to our subject, saying that the influence to which humanity is subjected, the influence of the Aquarius, little by little causes an elevation of consciousness, allowing it to be linked with higher frequencies. That is, all radiation has an electromagnetic aspect; it propagates in the atmosphere and connects with the organs of each human being.


Two effects

The human being will react to these influences according to its sensitivity, to its state of consciousness. These influences have two main aspects. First, they have a direct effect on matter, and second they contain certain information. The first effect is dematerialization. That is, matter can reveal its more subtle aspects; at first, making man become sensitive to what is invisible. And second, by facilitating the ability of certain human beings to link themselves with frequencies that manifest themselves in the quantum vacuum.

The second effect is expressed through the information contained in this radiation. At a higher level of frequency, everything manifested is united in a network in which all the points are related to each other. Scientists call this network “the Field”. This was evidenced by the armed forces of the United States in 1986 (published in the journal Nature, Volume 320, 1986). The Hindus call it Akasha. These two effects of aquarius radiation allow us to understand how the door between science and spirituality has been opened.

Currently, the human mind and the human heart do not need to make specific experiences to discern directly the link that exists between the phenomenon aspect of reality and its essential aspect.

Today there are more and more scientists who are convinced that behind what is manifested there is a deep sense, a direction, an intelligence.

As Albert Einstein said:

… apparently, life has no meaning, and yet it is impossible that there is none.

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Date: October 9, 2017
Author: Michel Cohen (Switzerland)
Photo: Pixabay CC0

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