The Dial is Ours

The Dial is Ours

The answer to a question lies within.
Are we tuned in to answer it?

What is a dial? We know of a clock face dial, an indicator of spatial time, of day and night. We also know the tuner, the old-fashioned radio knob which allowed us to determine to which wave-length we wanted to listen. Nowadays we know the electronic tuner of our TV or computer and other technological instruments. And there is the compass dial with a pointer to indicate direction. All of them are pointing to something that pertains to the earth, something invisible to the eye yet nevertheless directing our attention. Keeping us advised, keeping us connected, keeping us bound to the planet on which we live. We consider them perfectly natural, we have a lifetime of connection .

But what of the spiritual realm that surrounds us, a realm that in itself we cannot see, just as we cannot see the forces of the visible earthly realm. As humanity explores and develops, more and more we know that something exists other than what we can perceive with our physical senses. By utilising technology we can become aware of the evidence of other forces, other powers, and likewise we can become connected.

For the most part, because we are of the earth, we perceive counterparts of the earth which we rightly or wrongly deem “spiritual”. But surely, if something is truly spiritual it originates not from the earth but from a completely different realm. An unearthly realm interpenetrating but not belonging to the world. Do we have a dial, an indicator, a tuner that can point us in that direction? Indeed we do, and always have had such a faculty safely held deeply within us. But just as we can choose not to take notice of a clock face or listen to a particular wavelength of sound or images, so we can choose to ignore the direction to which we are being called spiritually. Consciously and unconsciously. Replacing it instead with all the intriguing and not so intriguing influences offered by the world around us, with all the fascinations that our earthly dials perceive and measure. Day and night, time, temperature, height and depth, length and width and so the list goes on. Enough to keep us occupied for more than one lifetime, for a millennia. That’s the history of humanity, that’s perhaps where we still find ourselves right now. Interconnected with the world, bound to the earthly realm in what is becoming more and more so a restless and uncomfortable experience. One which, despite the consequences, we still choose to ignore.

What is the nature of this spiritual realm of which we speak? How do we know it exists? Where is our means of detecting it, connecting with it?

You could compare it with a gravitational force, much as the one that holds us to the earth but in an opposite direction. Pulling us away from the earthly realm rather than binding us to it. Bringing continuous change to the earth and its inhabitants, to ensure the earthly attraction is continuously broken.

We know these changes, we experience them constantly. But still, as humanity, we hold on. But as in all other previous civilisations on this planet when civilisation has reached its peak, there comes a point of “go no further”, the brink of a precipice. Giving us, perhaps abruptly, the opportunity to become aware of the hidden dial within us, a previously unperceived indicator that can point a way. A new way, a different way. The possibility opens to perceive a different realm which in essence has always been there, patiently awaiting. We can become aware of another impetus that can potentially wake us up, lift us beyond the earthly while we still exist within the earthly. An experience of being in the world but not of the world. Our dial points to a new way, a new direction, a new path.

Will we follow it? Will we allow our inner tuner to guide us? Individually? Collectively? That is the question.

Your answer lies within.

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Date: January 31, 2024
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: by NEOM CCO

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