State-of-Consciousness is State-of-Life

Our reality is the actualization of our consciousness. What could a renewed state of consciousness manifest? How can we achieve this transformation?

State-of-Consciousness is State-of-Life

State-of-consciousness is state-of-life. This expression highlights the intimate relationship between consciousness and the reality experienced by the human being. To the extent of our understanding, we can only react to what we are able to perceive, and reflect on what we know.

Based on this assumption, our reality cannot be a succession of casual events. After all, we see ourselves as co-creators of our reality. Therefore, to transform this reality, we must act to change our awareness.

But how can a human being achieve this transformation of his consciousness? We are not talking about altered states of consciousness, the use of substances, the practice of exercise, or occult methods. We want to highlight the possibility of a direct link to this inner source of wisdom  that incites us to seek enlightenment..

Human beings are bearers of a natural consciousness and a spiritual spark, to which we are sensitive. This sensitivity is active in the seeker, while it has yet to develop in those who are content with theirphysical life. This process is ongoing and transforming your consciousness depends on the recognition of this inner source of wisdom. But how does one contact this source?

Manifestation and the quality of our biological consciousness result from the interaction between several systems or fluids in our organism: the blood fluid; the hormonal fluid; the nervous fluid; the serpentine fire (which corresponds to the spinal cord); and the mental consciousness (which is located in the space behind the frontal bone). This fivefold ensemble often focuses only on the  physical life using the senses,  seeking self-preservation, and satisfaction. This consciousness attaches to its certainties, wills, desires, and fears. The result is the identification with various aspects of life.

Therefore, before we can talk about transformation in a spiritual sense, it is necessary that the longing for higher and transcendent values is awakened. Only the knowledge of the essence of this life can instill the maturity that drives the realization of this yearning.

When this awakening of the spiritual search finally happens, all the fluids comprising the consciousness become more receptive to the impulses of the spiritual spark. This initially manifests as a deep nostalgia or dissatisfaction with the things surrounding us. The search for new values becomes paramount, and the consciousness turns to this inner wisdom. accepting it as the guiding compass on the spiritual journey.

Thus, the transformation of consciousness will culminate in a profound change in the life, perception, and understanding of the awakened being. They will perceive and experience an existence that transcends space and time.

The transformed consciousness should actively assist other seekers in finding this inner path, as state-of-consciousness is state-of-life; state-of-life is state-of-the-blood; state-of-the-blood means a purposeful attitude to life.

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Date: March 19, 2022
Author: Grupo de autores Logon
Photo: Tyler Nix on Unsplash CCO

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