Our Planet in Need

Have you not heard its call for help?

Our Planet in Need

Our world, our planet, quite obviously is not in a healthy state. Every day, every minute, it calls to us to relieve its suffering, a suffering we ourselves are partly responsible for. A suffering created by our mindlessness, our ignorance, our taking it, our planet, for granted. Something we have done progressively, probably for as long as we’ve been on the planet. It’s become part of our consciousness to be that way, to take that approach. And that is staggering. But that is starting to change!
Why? How? Because there is another suffering happening to our planet as well, one that is from and beyond our consciousness, beyond any of the attempts we have so far put into practice to try to alleviate the distress of the situation. When we have perceived, with growing despair, that our planet seems not to be coping at all well. What kind of suffering is this, what is causing it? Where does it come from and how widespread are its effects? It’s a suffering that comes about from powers, forces, originating from outside our planet, forces coming to us to realign our planet, to bring it back into balance. And such influences inevitably involve change, and change involves suffering, suffering not only for the planet but for all life on it. Us, humanity, included. So in a sense we, the human inhabitants, undergo a double suffering – one self-created and one seemingly independent of us but nevertheless affecting us deeply. We experience inner and outer turmoil, extreme stress, climactic disasters – generally a process of breaking up, dematerialisation. As thinking procreative beings we also have the opportunity, given to us now in these times, of doing something about it. And we observe that happening every day now, as new ideas come to the fore, new ideologies, new techniques. Mostly so far always on the outer, on the things that surround us. Everything seems to be speeding up, happening exponentially, both the positive and the negative.
But maybe there is another way also to accelerate the change needed – before it is too late! That potentially unexplored way lies with us, within us, originating from the same source as the energies that are initiating all these outer changes. If we are open to them, conscious of them, those same powers can lead us on a new path, a transmuting, transfiguring inner path that can bring us and our planet to a higher vibrational level. A process which can banish the current downward destructive course that we have come to know and turn it in a new direction.
The solution lies within us, to listening to the inner urge to take a new approach. We can respond to that call, allow it to change our life’s course and the course of life around us. Allow our perspectives, our actions to move in a different and renewed direction. And if enough respond to the call, ultimately it can effect all of humanity and the planet itself. The call has been sounding eternally, more and more intensely as is evidenced from what we see in the world today, and people are responding. The solution can begin now, within every one who hears the call. And it can happen. NOW!
Why wait? Have you not heard the call for help?

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Date: November 1, 2023
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Placid place CCO

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