Looking at the Black Boar – Part 2

The loathing of the black boar is the understanding that we need to purge our critical, pessimistic, blame and judgmental view of the world. We also need to cleanse a gaze full of greed, lust and claim.

Looking at the Black Boar – Part 2

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A spark of the Spirit

In chapter 16 of the book “The Gnostic Mysteries of Pistis Sophia” by Jan van Rijckenborgh we read:

“Following the advice that was wisely given to me, I began to keep my attention steadfastly focused on the Spirit’s spark atom. And I was able, in all my daily activities, to remember the subject of my constant research. Even when the horizontal line research completely captured my active thinking, I knew that the object of my concentration was present in a certain center of my brain and was active”.Jan van Rijckenborgh „ The Gnostic Mysteries of Pistis Sophia”.

The Spirit spark atom is the – present in our heart – seed of the divine self, from which Horus, the heavenly soul in us, may be reborn and “regain consciousness”. We decide at every moment whether we choose the sobriety of the true self or its downfall. “A moment is eternity”, said the sage. If man could be one with the moment, he would be eternal. Man, however, is separated from the present by a wall of noise, a wall of his own illusions: emotions, thoughts, haste, desires, and fears. He runs away from quiet awareness; his consciousness is in constant motion, scattered, jittery, in constant pursuit of the future or in constant subconscious escape from the past. Thus, he chooses existence in time instead of life in eternity.

At any time, however, he may begin to choose differently by “keeping his attention steadfastly focused on the Spirit’s spark atom”. And when he chooses so, then:

“Just as an extremely sensitive instrument registers sensations that escape the senses, so our being becomes capable of seeing this immeasurable miracle. (…) Our microcosm, our little world contains a soul, an animated personality, a small soul of the world”.

The Eye of Horus

One of the articles in the Pentagram magazine states that “our eyes are closely related to the organs of consciousness. The right eye is related to the pineal gland and the corresponding area of the brain. The left eye, on the other hand, is related to normal logic-based thought processes that take place in a different area of the brain. The center of the pineal gland is extremely sensitive to gnostic “sunlight” (the light of the spiritual Sun, light of the god Ra).

However, the right eye can only perceive this gnostic light when the instincts of the egocentric self are relegated to the background. Up to this point, the right eye is a servant of the left one, associated with sober cause-and-effect thinking. You could say that the right eye is actually blind.

Thus, the one who has not yet been ignited by the divine Light is in fact one-eyed and, therefore, one-sidedly oriented towards survival in time and space. True spiritual seeing becomes possible when the pineal gland begins to receive the spiritual rays of Ra, the gnostic force of Light, and begins to see in it.”

It is not, however, a question of training clairvoyance with occult exercises, but of attaining such spiritual purity as a result of which this higher perception is triggered by itself.

The inner cross

Man has two eyes positioned horizontally in the face. However, he also has a couple of other “eyes” which are set vertically in the body. One “eye” is the pineal gland mentioned above, which allows you to see the supersensory, divine world. The other “eye” belongs to the spark of the Spirit in the heart, responsible for the intuitive perception beyond dialectical reason, for seeing God in every person, event and in everything that exists; for the continual gratitude that is the portal to eternity. When a man with the help of these two vertical eyes “crucifies” his earthly gaze, his subjective perception of reality, his prejudices, his true self will be able to resurrect in him. Horus will regain consciousness.


Our limited, narrow vision means that we keep moving in the same orbits, we keep treading on already well-trodden paths. We function in patterns, we are ruled by archetypes, a set of fears and defense mechanisms unchanged for centuries. For example, when someone close to us dies, we despair and experience mourning, which has its predictable phases and duration. When the person we are in a relationship with cheats on us, our love turns to hate. When we are afraid, we fight or run. We respond to malice with malice. We take revenge for the harm done. When things go wrong, we react with anger and frustration. When we are successful, we fall into pride and a sense of superiority. When we are engaged in spiritual development for several years, we begin to play the role of gurus, teachers and guides. We then put wise quotes on various pages on social media, embellishing them with the photos of ourselves. In inhumane conditions, we cease to be human. We have needs, the deprivation of which brings about well-defined results. As a race, we are painfully predictable, and thus – easy to control and manipulate. We are not gods as long as all this automatism is present in us, as long as we are ruled by external conditions and (often unconscious) fear.

144,000 sealed

In order to free ourselves, we need to put ourselves back under the power lines of the divine world influenced by the spiritual Zodiac. The “black boar”, our earthly consciousness, cannot perceive and reflect in its life the harmonious movement of the heavenly bodies. Not only because it cannot raise its head, but also because in its breathing field, in the astral atmosphere around it, is teeming with illusions, thought forms, egregors, and demons distorting impulses from the divine realm, from the spirit world. The spiritual Zodiac of the sacred dialectic has 12 aspects which constitute a coherent, unbreakable whole. In each of the 12 aspects, the rest 11 are present, and therefore we can say that the number that characterizes the divine Zodiac is 12×12, or 144. The following words are found in the Revelation of John:

“Then I saw another angel coming up from the east, having the seal of the living God. He called out in a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm the land and the sea: ‘Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God’. Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel.” (Rev 7: 2- 4)

Perhaps the number 144,000 refers to a man who, after merging with the Spirit, has become whole. 144 would refer to the perfect implementation of the 12×12 holy principles, rays, lines of force. On the other hand, three zeros would mean the three sanctuaries of man: sanctuary of head, heart and pelvis, which have been emptied of self-centeredness and the gloom of ignorance and have become crystal clear mirrors of God.

“Disgust” towards the black boar

The word “disgust” that appears here should be well understood. Disgust is emotion that arises from suffering and generates suffering. We are connected to everything that our eyes are on.

If we treat what we see with contempt, we are not alchemists but victims of our own ignorance. The “black boar” is a beam in our eye that prevents us from perceiving reality from a high level of unconditional love and understanding.

The energy of our gaze can either elevate or degrade. The loathing of the black boar is the understanding that we need to purge our critical, pessimistic, blame and judgmental view of the world. We also need to cleanse a gaze full of greed, lust and claim. These are aspects of the unconscious that obscure our vision.

“O gods, let us be disgusted with the black pig, that Horus may be healthy!” Let us be guided by the light of Ra – the spiritual Sun shining in our chest. Let us be guided by the longing for our spiritual Home.

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Date: January 22, 2022
Author: Emilia Wróblewska-Ćwiek (Poland)
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