Live Life!

Live Life!

There are days when the night is dark.
There are nights when the day shines.
There’s a feeling of bitterness.
There are bursts of joy.

In this tumultuous life,
take a good look, be careful:
It’s not worth crying for nothing,
nor dreaming while awake.

One day it seems like Life,
another day it seems like Death.
It’s better to find the way out,
and make your own fate.

Navigate with a clear course,
Hold the helm firmly.
The lighthouse is very close:
It’s the light of your heart!

And a voice speaks softly:
“Find your treasure here,
your life and the path
that turns lead into gold!”

In the depths of the heart
lives a golden Rose,
The Rose that is inspiration
for a new journey.

In this world, both bright and dark,
forget all the malice.
Listen to the pure heart:
remember who you truly are,

because whoever is a Child of Light
never denies their energy.
The force that guides them
is that of eternal Joy!

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Date: December 20, 2023
Author: Group of LOGON authors (Brazil)
Photo: By Sasint from Pixabay

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