Light of the Sacred Earth

The currents of Light and Life coming to humanity are life-fields: both the known, as perceived by humans; and the unknown, stemming from Eternity.

Light of the Sacred Earth


Magnetism and electricity, as a part of nature, has been known and studied in various forms since antiquity. In fact, it has been known throughout all times that the whole of space is filled with what we currently call electromagnetic radiation fields, gravitational fields, morphogenetic fields, and many others, all of which interact and cooperate at various levels and frequencies of vibration, ranging from dense matter, as we experience it, to the most rarified energy currents and diverse conditions of consciousness.

Everything in existence has its unique vibrational signature and evolves by and with radiation-values, which can be observed and interpreted in manifold ways.

Today we have a vast database of information on the forces in the universe sustaining nature’s household, surrounding, interpenetrating and active in all form-manifestation.

And alongside the study of natural cosmic fields, the application of artificially induced electromagnetic forces has been steadily growing, and since abount 1900 accelerated to the current electronic age, exploding in a dazzling array of devices and techniques, being deployed in diverse situations and functioning by electromagnetic radiation forces.

Through technology we grow in awe and admiration at the expanding insights into creation, its magnitude, its beauty, the precision executed by the forces that govern it.

While at the same time we witness science speculating with cosmic laws as it experiments at ever more rarified levels of life and cosmos. Where this will lead no one knows, yet humanity will at a given moment be obliged to experience the consequences.


Whatever course it takes, our human powers of comprehension are limited to the electromagnetic qualities of the life-field from which we originate.
Our senses register in the energetic powers of matter, the external face of things, people and situations, but they fall short as to their deeper, inner essence and being.

We have notions of spirit, infinite, eternal, metaphysical, divine, transcendental and so on, but the images conjured in the mind are all defined by the three-dimensional, space and time, the finite physical field from and in which we have evolved, because our senses are naturally attuned to that. All human thought, feeling, willing and activity is confined in this way, we lack absolute fulness of wisdom; our feeling and willing is speculative; and a truly fulfilling life humanity does not know.

Hence the question… Why is it that celestial humanity lives in eternal fullness and fulfilment, while we, earth-born and earth-bound human beings, do not share in that fullness?


All minerals, plants, animals and humans are composed of atoms. Atoms have an electromagnetic field that emits and receives forces, energies, substances, they also have a degree of life-potential and consciousness.

The human, therefore, as with all creation, is a wonderful organization of atoms composed by attuning the law of cohesion to a specific underlying spirit-principle, an archetype.

The underlying spirit-principle of original celestial man is to evolve as a branch on the Tree of Life, as an integral part of Universal Life, since the original human life-wave lives eternally in harmony with the Spirit, in perfect fulfilment.

But our part of that life-wave deviates. We daily shut-off our link with the spirit-principle, due to our sustained focus on matter and its enchanting powers. Unwittingly, by doing so, we deviate from spiritual-cosmic laws. This is how we have lost the original link with the omnipresent Light. This is how we keep ourselves enmeshed in a realm bound by space and time, wholly different to the true spirit-soul-human origin. In the current situation we do not attune with the all-conscious light. We are inspired and governed by the forces inherent in the form, in material energy, hence subject to dissolution in the aeons of time.

The law of the spirit-order is inviolable, and it is the first cause of all things that exist and that do not exist.

Our time-spatial existence has definite boundaries, a condition that we are obliged to experience as a necessity, in order to avoid an even greater catastrophe.

A simple indication: Hydrogen and oxygen gases combine to form liquid, which is then drawn by gravitational force into the earth. It gives life. Without water, all life as we know it would rapidly degenerate and die. In further fulfilling its task, water changes form, it dies as liquid, to ascend as vapour by means of another magnetic current, impelling a different function and atomic structure. Then it repeats the cycle. If it deviated from this cycle, there would be havoc in a whole network of lifewaves and their powers in the natural cycles.

In a similar way, in the divine order, there are innumerable lifewaves, hierarchies and cooperating forces working in perfect harmony, from macrocosm, through cosmoi, microcosmoi, atoms and their properties, each having a unique spirit-principle, collaborating for the benefit of all, in every ensouled particle of the primordial substance.

The laws of these workings cannot be by-passed without consequences. When such an occurrence threatens, other laws intervene to protect the entirety, isolate the anomaly, and reflect it back into the beings concerned; they are then bound to experience their doing.
So humanity, now demonstrating its true signature, is here to learn the lessons needed to enable the return to unity, in harmony with the spirit-order.


The spirit-principle in man has not disappeared! It cannot, it is eternal, but man cannot receive its impulse, because the soul is denatured and creates veils obscuring divine truth and reality, which necessitates the law of learning through a path of experience in the depths of matter. As soon as the veils are torn away, the way to freedom beckons!

Hence, two different life-principles, two potential life-realities meet in the personal human universe – the mysterious wonderful microcosmic system surrounding each one of us:

1. The energized earthly potential of matter – our current manifestation;

2. The currently latent Spirit-Principle – as to the true, essential human origin.

Therefore, every human being on this earth is in essence a member of a yet unfulfilled portion of an originally eternal human life-wave…


That is why every human being lacks something, and therefore experiences the hunger for fulfilment and completeness, and spares no exertion in pursuing it.

These pursuits however, are mostly misplaced, and energised in finding advantages for our I-centrality, which is naturally bent on self-maintenance, a necessary element in all earth-born and earth-bound creatures and beings.

The gift of the intellect, for example, granted to man to help discover the true purpose of life, is now being utilised to evolve an entire culture based on an existence separated from the spirit, and bent on self-preservation in matter.
Humanity develops increasingly sophisticated weapons and techniques to gain power over others, physically or psychologically, and now techno-psychologically, employing electromagnetic phenomena, which is very attractive to people, especially the young, and thus very encapsulating, promising a glorious future, to meet all possible desires, both here in this material sphere, and in the invisible afterlife.

Be that as it may, it is nevertheless all semblance, stemming from the drive for self-maintenance, fuelled by the fear of death, of non-existance.

Even so, at the deepest root of all humanity’s striving, lies the original spirit-formula, which is of eternal origin and cannot die. It must manifest according to its underlying spirit-principle. So the point of issue is finding the true self!

Humanity has a universal plan to unfold, which comes into effect via an intercosmic radiation field that approaches every human being from within. A force-field of unfathomably high vibration, far surpassing anything that we as biological beings can locate with our ordinary earth-bound senses.


Our mode of life, thinking, feeling, willing and doing, produces a certain vibration-tone in our life forces, the signature tone of our life.

And all these ether-forces are driven by an underlying nucleus-principle that determines the nature and quality of the being in manifestation. All in accordance with the possibilities and boundaries of natural cosmic laws.

A mode of life rooted in and oriented towards matter imprisons the immortal principle, just as the gravitational forces of the earth hold our material bodies to the ground.

A mode of life orientated to the spirit-order reveals the earth-binding ties, delusion, semblance, and enables the true spirit-soul-being to awaken and manifest.

So we can well ask ourselves: To which magnetic field is the gravitational centre of my being attuned? Which forces primarily feed, energise and govern my life? The field of the fallen earth, which is temporary, and naturally self-maintaining? Or the field of the Sacred Earth, which dissolves I-centrality and engenders the eternal spirit-soul-life?

These two exist in the same space of the cosmos. They are both creation fields in their own right. Yet there is an immense difference btween them in the underlying nucleus-principle, the formula, the vibrational frequency, the atomic cohesion and consequent reality-of-life.


So the formula for the path of life has to be radical. It requires profound self-knowledge – which all are able to achieve. It entails letting go inwardly of the drive to find the solution to life by means of our earth-born state of consciousness, which derives from earth-bound forces, polarized by opposites in this world of opposites.

The immortal soul-state knows no opposites; it knows no self-centrallity, therefore it does not know self-seeking. It holds onto nothing of this temporal realm of death. It does not desire for itself. It manifests in attunement with the Spirit of Truth. By nature, it gives to the entirety; it does not separate; it is all-encompassing.


In the original Sacred Earth, true life, in perfect unity, unfolds unceasingly, and all of ensouled humanity in all spaces of the cosmos are invited to turn back to that original unity.

So, whether this appeals to us or not, it is not a mere theoretical proposition… It is a reality that concerns every one of us! For it is not an automatically unfolding process. No, it is given to the human being to take up this invitation and participate in the fullness of universal life, a life that knows perfect fulfilment and joy unsurpassed!
For every human being has an original archetype, which at its given moment will unfold in accordance with the divine plan; but not without our own effort in cooperating with that divine genesis.
The magnetic field of perfect unity, coming to humanity as Gnosis, is the gateway to the divine fullness. Just as the material sun, it shines over all, good and bad, omitting nothing and no one. It desires to retrieve every human soul. Ultimately it will do so, unconditionally. And in doing so, it disperses all that is in disharmony with the All-Unity.

To be able to unite with that Universal Fulness, its nucleus-essence must first arise in one’s own being, for even to the smallest degree – like attracts like.


The original seed-atom in the centre of the human microcosm, has polarity with the universal Light-Field of the Sacred Earth.

The moment the spirit-spark can begin respiration in that Light, faith is born. One then stands at the boundary space and time. Faith, as meant here, is not a belief in someone or something outside of oneself, but an inner faculty, a force related directly to things one does not yet see or possess in completeness. It is: “…the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” 1 Growing in strength, it draws the candidate magnetically toward the aim. The new reality increases in like measure as self-maintainance decreases. The fullness of faith is like iron filings attracted to a magnet.

The Gnosis of the Sacred Earth draws the candidate to the new reality, irradiating the whole system, awakening the spirit-soul-principle and vivifying it to a living magnetic flame, restoring the original soul, re-establishing her connection with the spirit, and rebuilding the divine-human temple – Manas, the thinker.

This is just a tiny indication of the signature of the liberating magnetic field that approaches us as Gnosis from the fulness of the Sacred Earth, the Holy Earth. That is the direction in which it invites and urges all of humanity. Its treasure, liberation for all humanity, is here and now, for all who so desire.

1 Hebrews 11:1

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Date: May 16, 2023
Author: David Cole (England)
Photo: by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash CCO

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