Watching the waves



We’re sitting on the beach – you and I.

Daylight drifting slowly to dusk, the sun shining mistily

from behind soft clouds as it sheds it’s light on the last of day ……


Watching the waves.

Mystified. Entranced.


No breeze.

The sea is calm, not a ripple.

The air, heavy with silence – a deep, delicious silence.


And yet there are waves. Always there are waves.

Sometimes imperceptible, but always waves.

Have you ever known there not to be?

Have you ever been to the beach and found not a wave?


Today they are minuscule, tiny, insignificant.


They just “come”. Come from nowhere, from nothing.

From “nothingness“.


From the calmness they rise up gently, curl delightfully over on themselves,

sparkle for an instant and then dissolve onto the sand.

Nothing to show they had been there – but we know they have.


I think about a wave, wonderingly.

It’s like a silent messenger, a carrier, a transformer.

Carrying something imperceptible.

Rolling it over, changing it – and then letting it go…..


I think about love.

Love that comes from nowhere.

From a source we can’t see, can’t touch, feel or smell.

From “nothingness”.


Within our heart love swells and rises over so gently into a wave.

Sparkles with joy, with gratefulness.

Curls over on itself within us.

Changes – and then is gone.


Nothing to show it has been there – but we know.

I think of us – sitting on the sand.

Silent messengers, carriers.

Receiving something, changing it into something perceptible.


Perceiving a wave of love, savouring it within our hearts.

Feeling it roll over and sparkle magically within us.

Letting it flow away again……


Knowing that it has been there – will be there again.

Knowing that it is not for us to keep, not ours to own.


I think of a transformer

And I think of us.

Of humans – of the human race.


We must change, transform, transfigure.

And then we are truly waves.

Human life-waves.

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Date: July 8, 2019
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Logon GF

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