Journal Proof Questions

Nothing works at the moment

Journal Proof Questions

Journal 1

Nothing works at the moment.

Only the birds dare

in this mute window.

Is it or is it not a silence?

It’s about time, says the earth,

to quieten down a little, 

that for a moment you can feel

the thread that binds us together:

the music of traveling comics,

the tiny voices in the sky,

the rose that belongs to no one,

the eternal quivering of the creatures of the air.

Everything has stopped working

to make it all work.


Journal 30

Bicycle ride with Antonio Vivaldi.

I no longer distinguish between the birds in the headset

and the real birds.

Although the day is grey and only the puddles are shining,

who’d have thought it wasn’t spring.

Pedaling on the short circuit they give

the times, and soon harmony will emerge

from the confluence of music outside and inside;

also in the thoughts that get entangled

and they unravel like jasmine and honeysuckle.

Yellow chases the red, red the green,

to the violet, to the grey of the sky… 


Journal 35

I like every moment of the day.

They’re innocent witnesses to the light and they’re your body.

If there was anything out of place, I would seek
its immediate correction and return to the bosom of the river.

Everything flows, but in one moment the water stops,

against a stone.

You stop for a few moments to dream,

and you go back with other dreams to shoot another scene,

under the usual tree.

There’s a happy ending to everyone’s story

some day

We would say that the light reaches everywhere

and she envelops every single thing.

She calls each by its name.

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Date: August 20, 2020
Author: Pedro Villalba (Spain)
Photo: StockSnap

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