It’s Time We Remind Ourselves of Who We Are and Where We Come From

Our world is a school. At the moment the school year is drawing to a close, and we are being prepared to enter a new, higher level

It’s Time We Remind Ourselves of Who We Are and Where We Come From

It feels like our life on this earth is becoming more complex, more difficult. Have we ever seen such a ‘viral fire’ in our history, with more than one hundred million cases of corona infection? Other alarming and dramatic changes are also happening, all with such speed and veracity that they feel like an avalanche. What was taken as the norm and accepted unquestioningly as supporting ‘life’, appears to be collapsing, swept away by this tidal wave of changes. There are countless people who have already experienced their own ‘tear washed ruins’ as the fabric of change tears their normality apart, while those in authority appear to be impotent in offering any viable alternative guidance or solutions.

Slowly in amongst the general anxiety, a glimmer of awareness is growing: the light of hope illuminates the understanding that from fire comes rebirth, from pain comes healing, from the emptiness of loss the fullness of love. The destination has not yet been reached, the road ahead will still bring the challenges of change that will touch each of us, but once the storm abates, the sun will shine again.    

Alas this dramatic scenario is not a fiction, but we are experiencing this as a living reality.  And we must face it with dignity and courage. We must remember that this growing chaos should not surprise us. Are we not living at a time when the junction of two cosmic cycles, Pisces and Aquarius, are moving from one to the other, bringing with them the signature of change? Humanity has long known that this time will bring a period of dramatic change, where the old will be destroyed, left behind, while the processes of renewal will be opened without hindrance, where an ascent to a higher evolutionary level will dawn on the horizon.

And the powers that guide humanity radiate a Love towards us that will initially break down our comfortable sleeping state and awaken us to a new reality. For much of our recent history, we have been warned to prepare ourselves for such a time, to prepare our inner paths. The time of unmasking is now here, and not a single entity, no matter what social status they possess, will be exempt or able to ignore these changes. 

This unmasking will bring the truth into the light, and no one will be able to hide their true selves. In essence, this has already begun through the influences of the corona pandemic, for it has shaken the very foundations of our economic and political systems, and by this, our very lives.

We are beginning to see the true selves of many who willingly make sacrifices to help those who suffer under the impact of the virus, while others protest and demonstrate against the attempts to constrain the outbreaks, fighting what they feel as an infringement of their personal freedoms. So what is this showing us, and where is it heading? To better understand this, we need to remind ourselves of who we really are and why we have come into this world!

Our world is a school. At the moment the school year is drawing to a close, and we are being prepared to enter a new, higher level.  From the perspective of evolution, we are being brought to the border, beyond which a completely different life awaits us.

Obviously, just as we see the two differing reactions to the corona pandemic, so there will be those who embrace this future while others will resist and oppose it. But for those who long for this new future, there is the added task of preparation, the task of self-liberation. The possibilities currently being opened to humanity, which are discussed in detail in the literature of the Golden Rosycross, are based on the principles that the individual must start this process through their longing to participate in it. And self-awareness is the key that unlocks this door, a key that is forged and polished with the help of the current cosmic radiations of Aquarius.

There are still many people who are ignorant of who they are and why they are. They see only the image of themselves in a mirror, and this they call their ‘I’.  To them the physical being is the totality of who they are. A deeper understanding has not yet entered their being, and they do not long for a spiritual life.

But once a human being has come to a nadir in their lives, and the constant efforts of survival loose their impulse, such a person begins to long for a higher, more pure life; a spiritual life.  Then they begin to seek answers to the questions that haunt them, who am I, where am I, what am I? Such a person will eventually become aware of the esoteric side of his nature, the workings and activities of the subtle bodies that make up the total man, and he will gain deeper insights into the fundamental questions that drive him.

And beyond this lies the knowledge, the truth of his immortality, that within him, hidden and asleep, lies the divine essence that when liberated, will free him from the shackles of his impermanent existence and reunite him with his divine destiny. No longer will the forces of reincarnation and karma keep their hold on him.

The world we live in is not our true home! Our earth is only a temporary refuge, a school ground on which to gain vital life experiences through the creative exercise of our own free will. And the life we have built around ourselves reflects the inner motivations that drive us. Hence Aquarius, through its unmasking process, shows us the true value of what we have built, the crumbling and decaying systems we have been clinging to.   

Still in the midst of this ‘reality check’, the divine remnant within man cries out to be heard, still a preremembrance stirs within him and is being agitated by the radiations of Aquarius.

It is difficult for us to imagine just how much we have lost on this descending path, but also just how much is being offered to us as a help. In painting a picture of our current state, there are esotericists who compare this to a penal colony inhabited by dangerous sinners. However, whatever level of truth you assign to this picture, the reality is that we are currently in the midst of an upheaval, a part of which wishes to release us from this prison. The only caveat is that we must desire to escape, we must long to escape this wheel of endless change. And from a spritual perspective, all of humanity is driven to react to this impulse, whether we long for it or not.

For some, there is an unfounded fear that if they follow this impulse, they will lose their treasured ‘free will’. The reality, however, is that the human being is but a tiny cell within an unimaginably large organism, subjected to the endless cosmic cycles, and that his free will is far less free than he imagines.

In this great cosmic scheme, we have to understand that certain spiritual impulses cannot be ignored, and that in doing so, we will raise a resistance that can only end in negative results.  Our planet is currently moving through these impulses towards a different vibrational outcome. A spiritual revolution has begun, one that has long been predicted by the prophets of both the East and the West, and this revolution will see a complete structural renewal of all those people who embrace this path of transformation.

This renewing process will include the transformation of the entire human being, down to the smallest detail. Even the physical elements will be raised in vibration changing their manifestation characteristics to a higher, etheric level. All those who walk in harmony with these changes will experience a rebirth of the soul, a reawakening of the divine principles within us, and with this, a transformation of the whole personality.

All those who work to harmonise with these impulses, who persistently seek the true meaning of life, have already begun this inner transformation; their natural, earthly personality is stepping aside, handing the reigns of government over to the divine, immortal Child of God within them, diligently preparing the new soul that will bridge them from this world into the approaching Divine New Life. 

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Date: April 13, 2021
Author: Nina Kazarova (Russia)
Photo: ASToKo on Pixabay CCO

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