Active spirituality beyond mental or sentimental theology


God is not only just,
and wise.

It’s Justice,

It´s not an adjective
for our egocentric,
or abstract

It’s the Noun in itself
in everything
for everything
and for the All.

It’s not a single
nor triple
nor quintuple
or septuple

It’s not only a number,
a gesture or an idea,
an essence or a substance,
a thought or a feeling.

It’s the order that creates, scales, and harmonizes
the relationship between magnitudes and hierarchies.
It’s the spark
between feeling-thinking,
the impetus
between to catch and to act.

It’s neither me nor you.
It’s neither he nor she.
It’s neither us, you,
nor them.

It’s not only inside
neither only outside,
It’s not exclusively in the big
neither in the small.
It’s not just up there
nor just down there.

It’s not only a part
or any subpart.

It’s All in the Whole.

God IS.
God is everywhere.

Because only God
can be potency and potentiality
the Verb itself,
the act and the deed
the impulse and the fact.

Therefore, what matters
is not only Theology
but spiritual action.

So, think about:
only you
can be
yourself indeed,
the divine manifestation
and the divine action,
here and now.

Be it!

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Date: February 21, 2023
Author: Group of LOGON authors (Brazil)
Photo: Ladder by M.H. on Pixabay CCO

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