Fear, Corona and me

Fear, Corona and me

Things are rubbing against one other, mirror themselves in one another and belong together. One says that a human is the synthesis of everything. Practically everything can be reflected in him, and is able to provoke reactions.

Corona strikes a chord. The smallest of all living things shows people who they are. First and foremost there’s fear. But what is it – fear? It is our reaction to something that is threatening. This time the assailant is invisible. Corona operates from the background. Likewise we are the background too.

We always react as the person we are. Now we are putting on masks. But this is also fitting to us, being “persons”. The word “person” is derived from the Latin word “personare” which means “to sound through”. Something is “sounding” through the mask, something from the background, our life state. The most elaborate of all masks is our body together with the psyche. It can express a giant spectrum of forces from the world of the Visible and Invisible, both collective and individual.

Corona shows us our nebulous, shadowy sides

I read in a newspaper the following sentence: “The past has shown that in every epidemic criminal organisations have triumphed”. This is also something that belongs to us. Few of us act in a criminal manner but the “dark” is present in each and every one of us. Our consciousness can be swallowed up by this dark energy, by forces of which we are unaware. Fear then arises within us, and it can choke us. We ourselves are the threat and we’re also the fear of the threat. Not without reason do all these laws exist that serve to restrain us. The biggest threat however is each for himself.

The abyss that is within us hurls itself now and then outwards

We then stand opposite one another, at a distance. There is however a level within each and every one of us on which we are actually One with all persons, One with all living things. There is a kind of spiritual “groundwater” – the bearing force of life, of the One life. When this takes effect our substance will be Love and Togetherness, and sources of trust, loyalty and of a willingness to make sacrifices start to bubble up.

We can drill open this groundwater but we can also submerge its access. This happens through our fear and our darkness. Then water only trickles from the source and drips right through into our fear, becoming bitter, mutating into hostility, mistrust and other – poisoned water of love. We are playing the part ourselves and can notice how it’s taking place. Fear has taken over the leading role in the play. We are victims – and at the same time spectators.

But this way things becomes perceptible. The dark aspects move into light and we are able to perceive them. They want to overpower our consciousness but we also have the possibility of simply looking at them, nevertheless. What shall we do with the forces that wish to seize us or which have maybe seized us already? How can we use our possibilities for action?

The Chance of Transformation

A liberating light flashes, an awareness. There is a chance in everything that is happening, the chance for our transformation!

The fear, the fathomless, the eeriness – I can take it all with me, hold it in my hands, recognize it as being my substance, as being myself.

I am not only this, of course, I am consciousness that reaches further and deeper. Consciousness is a specular reflection, like everything in me. It is a facet, a derivation from the universal consciousness. It is diverged from the great ocean, from the waters at the source. All too easily this consciousness becomes a pool but it is able to purge itself, and it can experience something of that which is reflected within it. It is able to open itself to the source. I take a step in this direction, seize my chance and take with me that which I have recognised within myself.

The duct opens, it was almost submerged. Living water flows into me. It sweeps away many things that had built up. The dam becomes lower. It is painful, yes painful.  I have to let go of that which I am, and also let go of the fear that has become part of me. I have to help shape and be compliant with the person I am to become.

Corona pushed me into this. Thank you. I am experiencing a new wave, wave-shaped crowns, coronas[i], joy. The small virus can be a trigger for a new togetherness. And then there has been a sense in all the suffering that it has brought to many or, to put it more succinctly: the suffering that we have brought over ourselves.


[i]Coronas means „crown“ in Latin, Spanish, Italian.


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Date: September 9, 2020
Author: Gunter Friedrich (Germany)
Photo: Davd Mark from Pixabay CCO

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