Where does Love come from?
From the heart of not-being to the heart of being.
And Where does the not-being live?

Lives in the heart of the World and intertwined in the heart of being.

And the heart of the World, where is it?

Is this not clear?
Yes, but it is indeed mysterious
Inaccessible to the intellect.
How to unravel this Mystery?
Desiring, burning in flames,
Screaming silently.
How come?

Like a Journey without a definite path.
How to know if this is true?
Look inwards.
Follow your most inner heart,
Listen to your intuition.
Questioning brings the answer.
Do not be afraid!

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Date: December 15, 2023
Author: Group of LOGON authors (Brazil)
Photo: By Arcaion from Pixabay

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