Emissions of the forms and architecture

The shapes generate vibratory fields related to their configuration, proportion and color, which cause different actions on our cellular system

Emissions of the forms and architecture

Those who have taken the trouble to study and, above all, to “inhabit”, the architecture of certain periods of antiquity (pyramids, dolmens, Romanesque churches, cathedrals…), surely have not overlooked that inside such “sacred” enclosures, one “breathes” a state of well-being, difficult to explain, but very verifiable. These are, in general, places to which a magical or sacred character is attributed, places in which, very frequently, since immemorial times, activities related to transcendence and healing have been carried out.

The state of “well-being” referred to is related to the place where such buildings have been erected, to the materials used in their construction and, very particularly, to the balance of volumes that make them up. In general terms, we could say that such constructions “breathe” in their integration with nature. We could also say that they have the capacity to expand and contract, following the beats of the cosmos and the energies of nature. When architectural constructions do not “breathe” in accordance with the flow of nature, an energetic blockage is produced, so that those who live within them can become ill.

The new technologies allow us, without a doubt, to design more intelligent spaces, but generally disconnected from Nature and its laws. The result is “sick” buildings, in which those who live in them are subjected to chronic fatigue and energy malnutrition. It is not surprising, therefore, that more and more doctors are reminding us that contact with the earth is one of the first and most necessary sources of health. To isolate oneself is equivalent to accumulating electro-positive charges, which fatigue the body and generate imbalances.

We are increasingly aware that conventional construction entails a high environmental cost, an overexploitation of natural resources, and a challenge (still unsolved) in view of the unstoppable increase in waste they generate. In response to this problem, in recent years many alternatives to conventional construction have emerged.

However, one of the least studied aspects, so far, is the structure of the buildings themselves, their geometry. Little progress has been made with regard to the action of geometry on human beings, surely because its study requires a good dose of mental flexibility and an inevitable capacity for the association of ideas.

It is evident that shapes (lines, edges, angles, curves, polygons, polyhedra…) generate vibratory fields related to their configuration, proportion and color, which cause different actions on our cellular system.

To understand such influences, one must be aware that the visible and measurable “reality” that we habitually perceive through the senses is but a small part of a greater, invisible and immeasurable Reality. In the field of spirituality and, lately, in the field of science, we talk about a multidimensional universe, of which we usually only perceive three dimensions. Reference is also made frequently to the fact that the human being, besides the physical body, is composed of six other bodies or energetic sheaths (vital, astral, lower mental, manasic or higher mental, Buddhic, Atmic). The vital breath (ether, “prana” “pneuma” …) through which life manifests itself, runs through both our energy sheaths, as well as those of the planet itself, connecting all the individual intercellular spaces, as well as the microcosm (the human being) with the Cosmos and the Macrocosm.

As a result, we live immersed in a “Field of Information” that scientists like Rupert Sheldrake have called “morphic fields” (from the Greek “morphe”, form). The morphic fields would be fields of form and patterns that organize the molecular structures of living beings (the cells would inherit from them their molecular biology, as well as “memory”).

In fact, the novel theories of Rupert Sheldrake, were already known since very ancient times, although, to such structural or morphic fields, they were denominated, simplifying, “Causal Plane” or “Karanaloka” (equivalent to the Manasic or superior mental Plane, or to the “world of ideas”, to which Plato referred).

It is becoming increasingly evident that the forms seem to behave according to holographic principles (the parts contain the information of the whole). If this were so, both the morphic field that surrounds the planet and the one that configures each of the beings and forms in which life is structured would be endowed with “intelligence” and formative and creative “energy”. They would be, therefore, self-conscious fields of life, with a great capacity to adapt to the environment, but subject to change and, therefore, to influence.

Simplifying, we could say that such morphic or energetic fields are life itself that, from the highest planes of our planet, transmute into form.

If we accept such an assumption, we can also accept that, from the forms, through their geometry, flow (either with or without interferences) energies that can be used among other fields, in the field of architecture.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of today’s buildings are erected with only economic and commercial aspects in mind. Of course, we are not against them, but it is increasingly necessary to observe nature and, like it, build in harmony with its laws.

The problem is that the knowledge under which the builders of the past erected their buildings has been lost. The technical achievements of today’s architecture are great, but the vast majority of architects have forgotten how to build in a way that is consistent with the physical and spiritual needs of human beings. As an example, we point out that, in the majority of cases, habitable buildings are built, based on cubic structures and ferrous frames, without taking into account that the ferromagnetic structures used in construction (beams, columns, mesh) generate interference in the geomagnetic field. Iron and its alloys (soft or wrought iron, steel…) attract vibrations and fix them. That is, they do not let the attracted vibrations “circulate”, they do not let them pass through them, but they “hold” them, which, in the long run, makes such vibrations become parasitic and disturb the energy field around them. The result is an energetically poor field (the energy is blocked), which weakens the glandular and nervous system of the human being, promoting stress and illness.

Let us remember that every form (whether two or three dimensional), due to its structure, as well as its own configuration, emits a certain vibration or energy that, logically, influences its immediate surroundings. This observation should make us think about its correct application in the construction of buildings, depending on the activities for which they are to be designed. Thus, the centers dedicated to study (institutes, universities…) should be raised with forms and volumes that predispose to mental development, while, for example, in the construction of a hospital, it would be necessary to have very present (besides the place) structures and volumes that allow to intensify the beneficial and healing energies of nature and the cosmos.

We are aware that all these aspects require a long process of study and experimentation, but we believe that it has become totally necessary to investigate them.


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Date: December 12, 2020
Author: Jesús Zatón (Spain)
Photo: Broesis - Pixabay CCO

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