The new age wants to do it differently


A gratifying phenomenon: new insights emerge. The new age wants to do it differently.

No animal products, borrow your car if you need one, get rid of stuff, slow down, take your time, fly less, cook slowly, decide for yourself what you wear and what not, keep meaningful contacts only. Turn off your phone if you want to be awake. Indeed … different!

From the idea: improve the world, start with yourself.

And then the discovery follows: hey, I actually don’t need all those things at all, what a rest, what a space to go a bit deeper, to go into the silence, wondering:

What do I really want with my life and why?

Certainly not this hunt from the cradle to the grave – but then what?

And look, then this what-and-why question still causes unrest. What kind of unrest is this in the midst of the silence achieved? The inner voice, which you can also call conscience, that you previously always pushed aside in the intoxication of your existence, call it soul, now demands attention. You look at the world with different eyes.

Society seems to have gone completely crazy, it just hurts if you feel it and think it through.

Can you change that, except through the tiny life you are trying to live now? What is your task, do you have a task to affect this inextricable tangle of problems and misery?

Yet the new age, or the human being of today, cannot pull itself out of the swamp by the hairs. If he finds no connection with something completely different, something that rises above himself, the new age will also grow old again, and the circle will continue to run, will not be broken.

Just consider: action groups strive for something, and if they succeed, they let the balance hit the other side. The result: new misery and problems, that wants to be resolved. In this sphere there is simply no end to the eternal law of opposites that rules matter and times.

So it must be different. A flow of the soul that starts. The soul that speaks, in the inner of the individual and all those people who long for a new time.

So many people already live in that flow! With the light in your heart – so with all the good in you, as there are: understanding, helping, being compassionate, knowing love and insight- seeking a connection with the Light from above, that even lifts you above all that good.

Aspiration: evoke that inspiring light continuously, keep following it, become one with it. Give your life another focus. And with that the life of others. That is being different. And finally you became Love. Not because anyone is so good, but because there is no other way.

Love, the only thing that multiplies when you give it away. Great too: the higher frequency of love transforms the lower frequency of fear, ultimately worldwide.

You could do that.

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Date: January 10, 2020
Author: Anneke Stokman-Griever (Netherlands)
Photo: Daniel Burka via Unsplash

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