Must I leave it all behind?


“Leaving in 5 minutes …..” sounds over the PA system.
At last. Finally. The long-awaited moment!
A suitcase, packed to bulging point, sits beside me.
Crammed with seemingly essential items.

A challenge.
I am on ground level – the departure gate/lounge is on a higher level.
No escalator, no lift, only a narrow flight of stairs, teeming with people going nowhere.

“Departing in 4 minutes ….”
The suitcase is too wide, too heavy to negotiate the stairs.
Too many people coming and going.
I need to lighten the load, unburden.
Assess my situation.

“ …. 3 minutes …..”
No time to unpack, to re-assess what is essential, what is not.
Must I leave it all behind?

“Last call, 2 minutes until departure “
Final decision. I must!!

I clamber onto the flight of stairs, suitcase-less, alone.
Struggling through the mass of people, through their heaviness.
Reaching the departure level, a mad dash.

Made it!
I leave it all behind.
I alight!

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Date: October 3, 2023
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: American Green Travel CCO

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