Communication is everything and everything is communication


Communication is everything and everything is communication. There is no such thing as an isolated reality. Reality itself is a sum, aggregation and every element is connected with the others. The human being is also an element of this reality, somewhere between its interconnections. But we can’t say that one is acting as such, we can’t even say the one has a single thought or feeling, which puts him or her in the light of this cohesion. So, do people communicate? Do they understand the world around?

There are no hidden things in the world but only things that cannot reach our perception. Then why am I not completely familiar with the world? After all, I am quite covetous for information, but it seems that I obtain it through very limited channels. So, it is pretty simple and obvious – I am not open. Usually the idea of what human is, what I am, is itself related to the habit of manifesting myself. This means that I am permanently active. Even when I think that at the moment I am perceiving something, to a very large extent I am doing the opposite – instead of receiving the information, I am radiating, since I am constantly assessing, judging, categorizing and so on. Instead of placing myself into the flow of information, I am building a wall against it, made of what I know. So, actually, I am not truly communicating.

What happens when I see this activity of mine? For example, when I am in the midst of an exceptional mountain landscape, but I rudely and arrogantly give the assessment of its exceptionality. Meaning that I do not leave space for the beauty and greatness, but I define them in order to consume a piece on the one hand, and to declare myself once again on the other. But when I realize my act and I pull myself back, when I remove each activity, in order to stay passive, which means receptive…

Then everything just remains as it is. And despite it having no center, I turn out to be in its essence which is even more than a center. Not only among the vibrating mountain air, which is full of life, but among absolutely everything. Before I determine this for myself, before I notice this, the connection exists, the oneness of the whole, or in other words – the life itself. This is the information. This is communication. Each and every thing can be entirely known in this situation. However, most probably this will not happen at this stage, for aiming ourselves towards something concrete that we would like to recognize, would be a product of our self-assertion, of our ego and its intentions and goals. But when we begin to live from and for this connection, the links between its particular parts would be true communication, which is also an interaction in service of the whole.

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Date: March 1, 2021
Author: Ventsislav Vasilev (Bulgary)
Photo: Pixabay CCO

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