Between conspirators and volunteers for the Light

Between global conspiracies on the one hand, and the motivation to volunteer for the Light on the other: where do we stand?

Between conspirators and volunteers for the Light

We often ask ourselves… can a spiritual group still fulfil its purpose to support human beings placed before the essential tasks of their life? The need to answer the questions of the sphinx, inevitable questions of meaning, has become huge. We have to find reasonable answers that are compatible with the purpose of our lives. Doesn’t it seem as if the answers to these perennial questions are threatened at this point?

It seems as if every initiative born from a right aspiration is immediately challenged. Every idea, or ideal, is made ineffective by the countless barriers of economy, prestige or simply the barriers created by blindness. Therefore many reasonable initiatives are banned from the beginning. Bureaucracies, corruption, greed, scepticism, decline, apathy: the generosity of the willing people doesn’t find positive response from those who don’t know, or don’t apply, the basic rules of fruitful coexistence.


What possibilities are still open?

In the exhausting dynamics of the game of opposites between the ones who spread news of unprecedented events, reaching the limits of what is possible, and others who cover their eyes and ears so that they don’t have to see or hear (refusing to be aware of what is going on and thus having ‘no problems’) – it’s inevitable that we may often ask ourselves which possibility can be expressed, which possibility can be made use of, by, for example, a young person full of potential, who looks out into the world. If he had known what was awaiting him by coming into this world, would he have accepted the challenge?

We all have accepted the challenge required by the necessity to fulfill destiny, made current by an individual and collective (karmic) past, a destiny that can’t be delayed, that is absolute and necessary. The challenge is to be here and now, in a world that is dramatically reaching its decline, and that hides its beauties behind curtains of poisoned smoke and piles of waste. And it hides its wisdom in the silence of those who know yet can’t totally express themselves, can’t really take action, considering the overwhelming power of those who rule.

The meaning underlying our life has to be reassessed. Our own culture has to be reconsidered. Not the essence, but the form in which it is expressed.


What in fact can we know?

So we ask ourselves: what do we know of the forces that constitute the world, this world? Physicists tell us that we know about 4-5 percent of the existing forces and dynamics. In the light of this, we have to question our arrogance in our attempts to step in and plan an ideal future on earth, when we know so little about it. And is it arrogance when we see a decline in the world around us, when it could easily be a projection of our own jaded despair?

Yet the Light shines everywhere, even if the darkness doesn’t recognize it: it still shines in its original beauty, even in the middle of rubbish. And it wants us to understand our life.

A suspicion creeps in, the suspicion that a major world trial is under way. For isn’t this world just an honest mirror reflection of everything we have neglected for thousands of years: including and especially the courageous and free search for meaning, and the ensuing attempts at right behaviour? It appears that we are now asked to correct our mistakes.

Yes, it was all caused by us falling into self-deception, into duality awareness, criticism and separation, and I am an essential part of it – not just a “consumer”, but a co-creator. Without realizing it, I keep attracting all of those experiences that will teach me what I have not worked out so far. As long as I’m involved in them, my attention is drawn away from the only thing necessary: the Love that makes me aware and responsible for everything and everyone.


The origin is still present

We often forget that we ourselves are still an image of the original human being, a microcosm bearing the image of the Light that conceived us, with all of its features. I can feel the call at the bottom of my heart. I recognize the imperceptible rays of the mysterious Light that are expanding within myself, till every layer of my shell has been penetrated and my heart is moved. Yet I remember that this Light can join with the Light of countless other hearts, and change the fate of the world. Both the exterior and the interior world, the personal and the collective. For it is all one.

I am still alive, miraculously unharmed in this chaos. Maybe a little beaten up, what with illnesses, epidemic diseases, all sorts of ups and downs, that might have a specific signature and personal meaning. But I am still alive. What or who guided my steps? And those of countless travel companions. What is asked of me?

I ask myself: Does it make sense to give meaning to something when most of the souls around me don’t get it? Yes, it does. Besides the urge to know and take care of others as if they are myself, I also have an obligation to the earth. Not just the earth, but the whole solar system, and not only that, but the whole universe. What is below resembles what is above… and every part concerns the whole, and what happens in one part happens everywhere in the great whole. The wisdom of modern physics is in line with Hermes’ wisdom!


Finding a key

Here I find the key. What happens within myself happens in every atom outside myself. The impulse that rules my heart expands itself in the vast space around me and in the infinitesimal space inside every atom of my being. This is the shining truth that reveals to me the connection between the small thought I can express and the big project that concerns and contains me! I can really see the meaning of which my life is a part; every breath, every blink of an eye reflects itself in the greater reality. If the force that moves it is a force of love, the echo will be love; if we are moved by thoughts of hate, dislike, or disappointment, the effect will be the suffering of separation.

Love is contagious. Love is creative. It finds resources, it guesses solutions, it complements everything. It takes everything to its fulfilment. It moves close to us, walking on the tip of its toes on the doorstep of our awareness. Perhaps we would like to reject it, afraid it’s not enough to answer every catastrophe that threatens life. And yet it’s the only option when, exhausted from continuously protecting ourselves from every hit of the world, we get back to ourselves and we can see the obvious: it’s possible to realize the solution just through ourselves. No one can do it in our place. By awakening our responsibility, we can transform every passive action into a force that “moves everything”, capable of replacing countless disruptive forces that trouble our world.

We can change every thought, the impulse of every force, every essence, by applying the fundamental essence of life. On this basis alone it’s possible to realize the middle-earth, the Ark that can lead us home.     

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Date: April 20, 2018
Author: Mariaberica Buzzaccarini (Italy)
Photo: Silvio Casson

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