Artificial Intelligence – Part 2 – The Electric Ether

Artificial Intelligence – Part 2 – The Electric Ether

In the Crystal Museum in Borculo, the beautiful crystals show a structure from a material that seems to reflect the perfect order. 

The more perfect a crystal is, the longer it will take to dissolve, just as all beautiful age-old minerals – sustainable and healing! – can appear. Crystals are visible shapes and colors of a perfect arrangement of molecules of a mineral. They seem to be forever trapped in a solidity that will never let go.

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Their spectrum is very broad: they have both ultraviolet and infrared. Humans also have similar characteristics. Now the human task is one of letting go and self-realization, and in a new etheric sphere. In a new soul development, fueled by the free electrical energy [1] of Uranus, we embark on the ‘infrared’ path, the path of the stars.

Traditional science has crossed the line with quantum thinking, which even seems to go beyond the insights of the genius Einstein. Already in The structure of scientific revolutions, T.S. Kuhn in 1962 states that absolute knowledge and immutable constitutions can no longer be dogmas, but paradigms: examples.
Modern scientific man is free to follow these examples. For there is scientifically no definitive basis for solidity, as many still hope and think. Jacob Boehme’s concept of Ungrund for the basis of our knowledge therefore appears to be very modern. It is also remarkable that the orbit of the planet Uranus is an exception to Newton’s theory of the laws of gravitation, which gives Uranus a special position as a planet.
Traditional religion is no longer sustainable; we will have to give sufficient space to the true Christ power for the world and humanity. The latest esoteric insights point to human consciousness in a new perception that makes the free energy within ourselves available, not to a device that arranges this for us. The Doors of Perception (Aldous Huxley) are, as it were, the portals that can cross the border and ‘convert’ the existing natural ethers within ourselves.

Our device dependence is growing by increasingly using the ‘wrong’ energy, which has already created new addictions and – a new market! – detoxification programs that can be followed for a fee. The effects of ‘screen dependence’ in a positive and negative sense had already been noted before the introduction of the Internet by science journalist David Black in 1986: he noticed how the hours he spent in front of a computer were changing him.

My thinking became more refined and precise, better able to conduct logical analysis, but at the same time more superficial and less tolerant of ambiguity or contradictory points of view.

Black predicted the advent of the Internet – and the conquest of our minds.

Computers that are connected to each other are increasingly becoming a global entity,

Black indicated in the 1980s.

Artificial intelligence – is it a new form of intelligence? Is it possible that a spirit entity would want to inhabit that new form? It’s not made up: some developers of A.I. when asked why they did it, they answered from the perspective that they said they had a responsibility to bring that new form of intelligence into the world, as journalist Ezra Klein noted.
And Paul Kingsnorth asked the question:

Suppose there is a spiritual entity that would like to manifest its existence. How would it do that? It would inhabit a network – become a network – of wires and cobalt, billions of tiny silicon brains. Connected to a human brain, it could harvest energy and power and thoughts and even feelings to form the underlayer of an entirely new being.

If we realize this, it can also make us decide not to feed that power so much and to reduce its influence to a necessary minimum, by making the space for self-realization as large as possible, by using the free energy that is still in as much as possible.

The perfect formative power of a mineral, as we can see in the Crystal Museum, may have a connection with the human expression of life: the construction of the soul can magically use the same organizing principles that apply in the material world. Consider the so-called ‘platonic figures’ of regular polyhedra, which are also often interpreted symbolically, such as the tetrahedron, the cube or the regular pentahedron, etc.

The ‘building plan of the soul’ has played an important role since ancient times. It was subject to strict requirements, as the ‘old dispensation’ would like to tell us. Nature itself also builds according to sublime and magical proportions, for example the golden ratio, which is expressed in the pentagonal star configuration. The etheric forces of nature have created high ‘values’ to achieve natural growth. There are no unnatural methods and orders for soul building, but living, ‘extra- or supernatural’ tools, a dynamic application that goes beyond the perfect order of a mineral.

The perfect stereometric forms prevail in pure abstractions up to the limit where life becomes love and that limit can extend into the sixth dimension. There it becomes clear that it is not the ideal configuration, but the real transfiguration that goes beyond the limit and represents the life that is love. For the soul is connected with limitlessness, where the form, even the perfect form, fades away and the content outlines itself independently of the perfect order, held together by fields of higher vibration. When becoming aware of that higher vibration – also referred to as the mountain on which the form ‘dies’ – it is therefore important to let go of a clinging form. It can mean giving up the resoluteness of the perfect form. Its secret becomes public, without it being exposed on the street.
This is related to a very old structure that is present in our DNA as a hexagonal division, which simultaneously represents the closed cube both structurally and stereometrically, optically even two cubes.


                                                                              Regular hexahedron suggesting  the cube


The formation of this particular hexahedron would have been extracted from cosmic lines of force within our Milky Way, due to the configuration of other stars. The action of those lines of force on life waves such as Adamic humanity, penetrated the DNA when the earth was in the center of that configuration, and was effectuated when the moon was in that center, a period called in ancient esotericism the moon age. The positive result is a refinement of the emotions and the building up of soul forces.
Nowadays, the square construction is the basis of the cubic formation and makes it possible for the soul to be ‘perpendicular’ to it.
Now in the mineral world we see crystal formation as a boundary of spatial beauty and perfect expression, with a usually harmonizing effect. One can be very impressed by this; it resonates with an important link in our DNA. That can come across as a natural stimulant for the soul, and who would be against that? After all, it leads to the necessary border consciousness of the border resident, the awareness of ‘hermetic black’. There is also a beautiful crystal known in the crystal world with a black cube (found in a German quarry, among other places). In Islam, a large black cube (Kaaba) at the Mecca location is the center around which everything revolves, literally and figuratively. In miniature, we find the black cube among the Orthodox Jews, who wear the ritual on their forehead at the level of the soul center, the third eye. The cube contains scrolls written with verses from their Torah. The regular hexahedron, as the basis for the cube, is also connected to the six-pointed star which is associated with the limiting effect of Saturn’s planetary force. Both Islam and Judaism – just like the Christian view of the Old Testament – are connected to that limitation and the ‘law’ that Saturn sets. The cool crystals are the best possible attempts of the minerals to reveal themselves in perfect order and discipline in the World of the 5 senses.
Yet for human consciousness, this does not go beyond the sensory limit of space-time. If then that tendency towards perfect design, towards control over the material sphere, towards basic formation of the soul through the operation of the regular hexahedron is ‘anchored’ in our blood and in our DNA and can rule as symbolically as a black cube, based on laws and rules of this world, how can that boundless soul grow through them to the state of the spirit [2]? How can the soul potential break through into an infinite and eternal life space? After all, the refinement of the emotions offers no relief here. On the contrary; it can really get in our way: the moon configuration within the regular hexahedron has asserted its effect more than necessary and has, as it were, locked many people in its illusion of a perfect but closed cube.

We humans long for unity and eternity, we want to be included in ‘the continuity of being’ (George Bataille), but our lives consist of boundaries. We have created a world of order and regularity, with laws, rules and taboos. Yet striving for unity, for liberation is all the time there with the suspicion – yes, the knowing for sure! – that immortality is an inner reality. That feeling is only strengthened when we cross borders; when we have become full border dwellers. When we take the conscious step within to transcend the close and wonderful coherence of the worldly expression as presented to us by the crystals of minerals, with new soul power that can birth the spirit within us. With the fire ether, the Aquarius electric ether.

The true gate of Saturn

Can you then simply plug into an energy or consciousness field, so that the free energy will flow through your soul and microcosm? That would be an oversimplification, although a pure focus on gnosis certainly holds that promise. However, it seems as if a large cotton blanket of mind control hangs over us. Many people are stuck and remain trapped in the ether and thought crystallizations of an old paradigm, an old example of thought. To really throw off that cotton wool blanket, passive border dwelling is not enough. No, it requires a dynamic impulse of consciousness. An impulse is needed, a shock that creates clarity and nourishes insight, through which a gate is opened and new light flows in: the fire ether. Then the crystallizations and control mechanisms of the human being we have become can dissolve into a ‘no-longer-being’ and the universal eternal Being can enter.

The old dispensation holds you fast because you were also formed from it. She is not happy with awakened people who threaten to escape from her sphere of influence. Artificial intelligence can follow this and pull the border dwellers away from the gnostic consciousness to the safe configuration of control and management. Very tempting, and almost inescapable, because we think there is no other way.
The development towards order and crystallization is not necessarily a dead end, although the symbols of Saturn seem ominously dead (a skull and an hourglass)! A crystal as a closed cube does indeed reflect both mastery in and mastery of matter and even beyond matter as a limit in terms of the possibility of expression, but that is not all there is: above this expression, this expression of matter control, ‘laws’ and proportions apply of the ‘trans-Saturnians’, as the mystery planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are also called.

Saturn [3] also has its secrets. An important secret lies in the possibility of allowing and the taking effect of the positive radiations of the three mystery planets: mystery power. This possibility is also called a ‘portal’, a spatial passage for consciousness, not for matter. This ‘gate of Saturn’ limits space-time on the one hand, but can also indicate its transparency, just as many crystals are transparent and appear colorless. The black cube of perfect form can reveal its secret, fulfill and transcend its ‘law’, by breaking open and unfolding like a cross.
The self-denial then unfolds the mystery of self-development and self-realization in the freedom power of the endura. A great cosmic silence reveals itself in one’s own being. In that, there is no room for artificial intelligence, no matter how smart it wants to impose itself on us. The voice of A.I. dumbfounded; the Spirit reigns sovereignly.



[1] Free electricity

Free electricity is energy of an electrical nature that is not generated by fossil fuels, but ‘forms’ the electric ether force by converting natural ethers.
The natural etheric forces are subtle energies that nourish the known bodies such as the material body, life body, astral body and mental body. These natural ethers are not liberating in a spiritual sense, because the fifth ether, the electric ether, also called the fire ether or quintessence, is indispensable for that process. Converting the natural ether forces into the quality of the electric ether that ‘supplies’ the free energy cannot be achieved with a tool such as a ‘converter device’, but depends on (human) consciousness: a soul experience based on the spirit spark can nourish the consciousness for it

[2] Spirit

Spirit is an infinite reality beyond space and time. The eternity of spirit is therefore also outside time, outside the fathomless field of creation, outside the sensorial observable created things. A spark of the spirit lies within us, but that is no guarantee of spirit working within us.
As sons of god, as active spirit sparks, we can make the working of spirit possible within us: let the form of space-time ‘mortify’ in a new consciousness according to the standards of the spirit.
That son of god then becomes a manas, a spiritual thinker. Reason corresponds to the mind through an active pinealis. This reason can perceive in the light of eternity (sub speci aeternitas). Spirit can be experienced in an ideal combination of unity, freedom and love in the consciousness of a son of God.

[3] The Factor Manas, card VI, the Septenary Solar Card, page 293 of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire by Alice A. Bailey, I. THE ORIGIN OF MANAS OR MIND – Part 2 – Online Books • Lucis Trust)


Card VI The Divine Septenary hanging from the Triad, corresponding to the three seven circles from Dei Gloria Intacta: the seven circle of Saturn (III), that of Uranus (I) and that of Neptune (II). Furthermore, the planetary chains and the globe stages are shown.
The image illustrates how the relationship with the seven circles of Uranus and Neptune ‘takes hold’ in the middle of Saturn. How there, in the middle of its triangle, the center of gravity, a ‘gate’ of material development lies open to the seven circles of the ‘mystery planets’ Uranus and Neptune. Saturn corresponds to the crystallized matter (the ‘gross material’), the reality of the physical body. Uranus is called the innovator of the heart and Neptune that of the head.
The three seven circles Saturn, Uranus and Neptune thus correspond to body, soul and spirit, with Uranus being connected to the Sun in the heart.
Without the unfolding of the ‘cube’ of and in the sphere of matter (Saturn), the unity of body, soul and spirit is not possible for humans.

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