Are You Dreaming? “Wake up, wake up! It’s not real.”

Do you hear it? Hear that call? It might seem like being woken from a dream, but you are not sleeping, you are wide awake.

Are You Dreaming? “Wake up, wake up! It’s not real.”

It’s the middle of the day and here you are, fully involved in your activity, in your life, going about things as you usually do. But something, someone, called you, alerted you, changed your thinking for a moment. Look around, isn’t everything just the same, just as real as always? Why would you need to wake up? Perhaps you laugh at the thought, push it away – or perhaps you listen.
Nowadays we are all so busy, so occupied with our lives, with our activity. There’s hardly a moment to think, to ponder, to consider anything other than what we are occupied with. So thoughts about things being other than what they appear to be have to be considered somewhat strange, definitely rare, certainly not originating from our own mentality. There’s no space for it to be so.
So where did that fleeting thought come from? Who or what might suggest that life as we experience it might not be real? It’s a suggestion that there might be another reality, another way of perceiving things. A reality perhaps not from this world. Where? When? How? Why not right here and now, right where you stand, where you live, where you are?

Wake up! Now! Look around. Dare to consider that this might not be all there is to life, to what you call reality. Keep hold of that thought as you go through your day and see where it leads you.
“Wake up, wake up – it’s not real!”

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Date: July 11, 2023
Author: Pam Wattie (Australia)
Photo: Miltiadis Fragkidis on Unsplash CCO

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