Are we puppets?

Is there a creative plan to which we are subject?

Are we puppets?

Remembering moments in my life when things were not going as I had hoped or planned I often realize in retrospect – sometimes years later – that it was good for me. I could not have planned it better. I then have the secure feeling that there is guidance. The more often I have such an experience, the more willing I am to trust this guidance, to let it lead me.

But who or what guides me? And where does it lead me? Is there freedom in it?

When I admire a flower that is in full bloom, I forget for a moment that it will soon wither and dry up. When I see the wilted flower, I mourn its beauty of the past.

But is the beauty of the flower really gone?  Does it not live on in the matrix of the plant?

Its seed prepares the ground for new revelations of what is laid out within it. The blueprint for a further existence of the plant, its plant type, is present in its microstructure, its molecules. It is always just a moment’s impression of what I perceive with my eyes and other senses.

The plant reveals to me, however, that a plan, a plan of creation is laid out in it.

It must be the same with me, with my microcosm (my eternal soul being), if one accepts the law of rebirths. The continued existence in a new form of revelation, the sequence of reincarnations, must be based on a plan, aiming for the creation of a type that is already inherent in all body cells and the atomic structure as information.

Is this development an automatic process?

Do I live like a robot, even if what I do feels as if I had planned and wanted it myself?

Freedom increases the more we reach ourselves

According to the Swiss regression therapist Alexander Gosztonyi, every soul receives impulses from the divine Spirit, which create tension in her and force her to react. The Spirit is active and gives impulses, the soul is passive-reactive towards him. She looks for ways to regain relaxation in the face of the impulses of the Spirit. The will for self-realisation is invested in her – as an aspect of the Spirit. Thus she has possibilities for decision making that reach as far as her cognitive faculty. She can, as many people do, seek “protection” from the impulses of the Spirit, can distract herself and shield herself from them, and can take a different path.

So we are not puppets; we are on a path on which freedom increases the more we reach ourselves. And that means: reaching our spiritual centre, the Spirit.

Gosztonyi explains:

In order for the soul to acquire spirituality, she must already have gained some independence and be capable of self-activity. The soul becomes more capable of this only when she is no longer passively exposed to the action of the Spirit in full extent and merely benefits from it, but when she is able to take over the role of the Spirit – to a certain extent – and become consciously active. To do this, she must give the effect of the Spirit within her more and more space, open herself up to it with increasing awareness. However, this is not a question of good will or sufficient effort, but a question of inner maturity.

The increase in inner maturity always means the expansion of that dimension which the soul is able to give to the action of the Spirit. The growth of the soul consists primarily in the growing of her spirit dimension. As a consequence of this the spiritual vitality of the person also increases and the dimension of his inner freedom expands.[1]

If we follow these thoughts there is both: a plan of God and the freedom of the divine soul to realise this plan in a self-creative way and finally to become a creator itself.

Therefore you shall be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:48).

Depending on the degree of maturity in my spiritual development, the plan through the divine soul within me is increasingly communicated to me. After every step I take, a new perspective opens up. In addition to the knowledge of the plan, my soul is also given the strength to participate in its fulfilment with renewed consciousness.

I can now see my fellow human beings in their actual states of being as a snapshot of a God in the making. In my new perception “The way is the goal”, as Confucius said.


[1] Alexander Gosztonyi, The Great Book of the Soul, Chapter 19: Spirit and Spirituality

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Date: October 20, 2020
Author: Anita Vieten (Germany)
Photo: Jean-François PRIEUR auf Pixabay

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