About the one Love


About the one Love


But know,

that he alone can pass through the gate of all mysteries

Who can and may spread love.


Knowledge has no value

if it is not acquired in Love.

Knowledge is always open to those who love.

But no knowledge can connect you to Love,

except the knowledge of Love itself.


A fulfilled life is not given

To one who looks only to himself,

He can only be helped by a force not like him,

but he cannot receive it as long as he remains what he is.


A right attitude to life means clear and deep reflection.

Whoever goes on a journey to The New Life, 

must know how to begin again.

Stand in the New Land like this and every earthly bond is broken.


True knowledge is not-knowing,

not even of the “spiritual path”.

Has there ever been such a path?

Love and be!

Love and you are!

Everything you then know needs no words.


Like the sun at dawn,

like the moon at night,

like the stars in the sky

And of the world’s splendor.

Such is the Love of man

who finally awakens

from the icy sleep

In which he was lost for so long.


A candle that does not burn

does not change.

But is it not the fate of the candle

To burn in the Light?

You are like the candle.

If you don’t burn

nothing changes.

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Date: October 18, 2023
Author: Meik Meurer (Netherlands)
Photo: Elliott Brennan on Unsplash CCO

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