A special Experience Part 3: My Organs and I – a joint Adventure

The Healing of an Illness that the doctors could not cure.

A special Experience Part 3: My Organs and I – a joint Adventure

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I’ve always loved adventures. There are so many exciting experiences resulting from them! But then there was a special adventure …

I got a long, chronic illness that could become dangerous for my life. With utmost patience the doctors tried to cure the disease but unfortunately they did not succeed. So I sought help from alternative practitioners, lots of advice-givers offered their services which I gladly listened to. In order to obtain healing, I tried lots of different things – even exotic ones. The knowledge of several books offered a helping hand to change my life in order to dissolve the psychological pattern behind the illness. It was my aim to get well again.  However, nothing could be found to change my situation.

Finally, my doctor lost patience and told me that if I did not have the affected organ removed, he could not guarantee my survival and refused to treat me further. There I was, all of the “knowledge” had been in vain, even the gentle methods of alternative medicine or my attention, my attempt to understand what personal background my illness might have.

The date for the operation at the hospital was scheduled. But I could not understand that something vibrant obviously sending a call for help was about to be removed from my body. It was kind of empathy for my own being. The idea of being dependent on medication for the rest of my life after the operation was hard to imagine. What I was longing for was real healing.  Standing at that point, I made a spontaneous decision:

I cancelled the surgery and began quietly to talk with the organ in my body. I kept saying something like:

“Dear organ, you are a part of me. Although you and I do not feel well I want to accept you and value you as you are now. We stay together whatever may happen. I will gladly accept anything. Be as you like and if you want to tell me something, I will listen to you.“

From then on I continued my life as if there was no illness. Because the condition I was now in was the right one. There was new balance in my life. To my surprise after one year I was free of symptoms and have been for 15 years now. To me, this is a really adventurous experience. What a huge potential of creative energy lies within us!

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Date: January 16, 2020
Author: Claudia Doehring (Germany)
Photo: Jadwiga Muzynska

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